July 20, 2024

Reviewing the PuffCo Plus Vaping Pen: Vapor Quality, Design, and Key Features

The Puffco Plus is one of the most popular portable vaporizers or “vapes” in the market. It was developed by the Puffco Company, one of the biggest brands in the vaping industry. Due to this product’s brand value and stylish design, it has attracted many takers in the past year.

Is this high-quality vaping product good for your collection? Let’s review the key qualities of the Puffco Plus to find out –


Let’s assess the design quality of this product first, as it’s the one feature that immediately catches your eyes. The Puffco Plus pen has an amazing design. It comes with an in-built dab tool which gives this product a sleek look. The loading system of this product is designed to create smooth vapors. The loading system is also very easy to use. Overall, the convenient size and the stylish shape of this portable vaping pen are its two biggest strengths.


This vaping product comes with a 520mAh battery life. More impressively, it takes less than 60 minutes to fully recharge the battery. That means users can last a whole day. They can put the vape on charge in the morning and vape again non-stop for the following day.

Easy to Use

Of all the vape pens in the market, the Puffco Plus pen is by far the easiest to use. Just like most vape pens, it comes with just one button. Users don’t have too much control or modification power over the settings. But they don’t need that much control to use this vape pen effectively. This pen comes with 3 temperature settings – high, low, and medium.

  • High temperature is indicated as a white signal, representing a temperature of 720°F.
  • Low temperature is indicated as a green signal, representing a temperature of 580°F.
  • Medium temperature is indicated as a blue signal, representing a temperature of 650°F.

The dab tool, in particular, makes using these vape pens very easy. The overall vaping experience is smooth, straightforward, and worth the money.

Vapor Quality

This vape pen has amazing vapor production features. But, users must heat the wax precisely to get the best vapors. For example, if you want to produce big, thick clouds, you’ll have to make the coils heat the wax faster. But, excessive heating may cause overheating or fire hazards. Thankfully, this vape pen comes with a lovely ceramic chamber that ensures users get smooth and tasty draws.

How to Get the Best Results

Here are some steps vapers should follow to get optimal results out of their Puffco Plus vape pens –

  • Make sure to fully charge the device every time you put it on charge. Abrupt charging patterns may damage the pen’s batteries.
  • Only press the power buttons once to turn on the device. Similarly, switch between the three different temperature settings by pressing the power button just once.
  • Look out for a vibration when the device is automatically heating up. It indicates that the vape pen has reached its maximum temperature.

Overall, the Puffco plus vape pen is a unique product. Regular vapers will love the built-in temperature settings and the pen’s unique design.