July 20, 2024

Rich and Famous Extend Their Empires With Sunglasses

Many celebrities are taking a bite out of other industries and plastering their names on virtually everything from sneakers, to clothes, to fragrances, to jewellery, and now to sunglasses, raising their star power even higher.

Actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, a.k.a., the Olsen twins, are the latest to start their own line of sunglasses. The two have been in Hollywood since they were babies and have used their long-time fame to launch a line of clothes, shoes, accessories, fragrances, cosmetics, and calendars targeted at tweens. They recently announced the launch of eyewear for their Elizabeth and James label, reports Elle UK. The Olsen’s have been working with high-end manufacturer, Absolute Black, that is based out of Hong Kong (the same company that manufacturers Gucci and Tom Ford Sunglasses). They will be introducing two styles of sunglasses, Hudson and Fairfax. The Hudson is a streamlined version of classic aviator sunglasses, while Fairfax has a more cat eye shape. Both will have black frames with gold accents. The Olsen twins have become fashionistas in their own right, prancing through New York City in the latest and coolest trends that every woman wants to wear. Expanding to sunglasses seems fitting.

Not long ago, superstar singer, Mary J Blige, introduced her new line of eyewear. Blige, who is known for her love of sunglasses, teamed up with eyewear company, Orange 21, and Interscope Records Chairman Jimmy Lovine, to design four different styles of sunglasses that come in 20 different colours. The shades are being sold under the name Melodies by MJB, the perfect product name for a singer turned designer.

Music is in the eyewear air as pop star Justin Timberlake is also joining in on the eye accessory empire. Timberlake is one of a growing number Justin Timberlake of celebrities to have their own successful clothing line. Timberlake’s line, William Rast, includes jeans, t-shirts and accessories. With the success of his brand, Timberlake is looking to expand with a new eyewear and sunglasses line. The label will develop the new eyewear through a licensing deal with Viva International Group, who also has deals with Escada, Ermenegildo Zegna and Tommy Hilfiger. The new and hip eyewear line will debut in 2011.

Perhaps the most successful designer is rapper turned actor turned fashion superstar, P.Diddy, who has a thriving clothing line, Sean Jean, which also includes trendy eyewear. Stylish shades representative of the calm but cool mega star is sold on the website, ready for fans who want to be just like Mr. Diddy.

Glasses have always been essential, but thanks to our favourite celebs, they are now a fashion necessity. Celebrities have used cool shades and practical eyewear to brand themselves beyond the talent that made them famous. Everywhere you go, expect to see celebrity products sold right next to every other legitimate designer in the business.