February 28, 2024

Say hello to evening parties with Toronto Party Bus rental service

With Party Bus Toronto, you will now be able to celebrate your birthday, wedding, promotional evening, after-work, bachelor party and much more, in an eccentric and unusual setting offering you the most beautiful night life at your fingertips … An original concept to discover combining leisure, entertainment and local tourism will allow you to make your event unforgettable.

For unparalleled quality of service, Party Bus, with a capacity of 30+ people, has a seating configuration and comfort worthy of a prestige limousine. The ultra-design level of finish is sure to leave none of your guests indifferent. All you have to do now is come and discover this new concept by organizing your next event with Toronto disco bus.

It is also known as the evening bus

Evening Bus is surely one of the best ways to make your professional event a success. Unity of time, unity of place, and shared discovery of an atypical concept are the essential ingredients that we propose to bring together.

  • The bus comes to pick you up as close as possible to your premises,
  • As soon as you get on board, the butler will serve you champagne flutes and cocktail pieces,
  • While browsing Toronto through its most beautiful avenues, the DJ will gently raise the mood.

While corporate parties are usually not very moody, at bus parties it’s quite the opposite. It is very rare that the atmosphere is not there. This will delight your employees and allow them to find themselves in a festive atmosphere far from professional hassles. This is why Toronto party bus is fully adapted to incentive and team building operations. Cocktail dinner, shuttle system with aperitif cocktail, everything is possible on board. The concept adapts to all your needs.

A general over view of party bus interior

A unique environment that can accommodate up to 35+ people, spectacular interior, lights, and remarkable ceiling layout. The party bus offers you a unique experience and atmosphere. 18m dance floor, lounge at the back, toilets (not mandatory), cloakroom, professional bar equipped and a DJ area including a system high performance sound. Toronto brand new Party-bus provides a comfortable luxury venue for hosting events while being ‘on the go’. The party starts on board the bus: the journey is a perfect time to strengthen the team spirit.

Any kind of event

There is always a good reason to have fun in a group: it can be a concert, a festival, a disco event or a party as part of a visit to a city. On such occasions, the ideal is to have a driver who takes care of the safety of all passengers during their journeys and accompanies them from the meeting point directly to the event in question. Plus, you don’t have to worry about parking. The only thing you need to do is communicate your travel details to the party bus service provider, and they will organize everything for you. Whether it’s a special occasion or simply a trip with friends, Toronto party bus rental is certainly for you.