July 20, 2024

Serious Mistakes For Which You Do Not Take Good Photos

After we must read most photography book, we finally have our first camera, we begin to experience a paradoxical mix of feelings. On the one hand, the excitement of being able to create permanent memories, memories to access whenever we want, and, on the other, the frustration of not being able to make the same images that those who inspired us to be photographers do.

We Don’t Know How To Operate The Camera

Digital cameras are complex machines that, on the outside, have an infinity of buttons, wheels and levers and, on the inside, are loaded with even more functions designed to help us capture what we see with the mind (yes, with the mind!).

Even though manufacturers make efforts to create interfaces that make it easier for the user to operate, it must be admitted that at first, it is intimidating to face such machines. However, our cameras are accompanied by an accessory that, although it has been designed with old technology, can significantly help us achieve good photos

We See The World Only With Our Eyes

Have you ever noticed that a group of photographers facing the same portion of reality take different pictures? Have you stopped to think about why that happens? The reason is deceptively simple: seeing and perceiving are two different processes.

Indeed, the visual stimulus is received through the eyes, but it is in the mind that said stimulus is processed and assigned a meaning, that is, where it is perceived. Consequently, different individuals, with different life experiences, will perceive reality in their way, and this will translate into clearly different photographs.

We Do Not Understand The Light

Ah, the light! That element is an indivisible part of the word photography, but to which at first we do not pay the attention it deserves. Perhaps we think of light when we are contemplating one of those sunrises or sunsets that amaze us with its explosive yellows, oranges, reds and blues.