April 24, 2024

Six Volleyball Positions On Court – Links To A Successful Team

Volleyball is a thrilling, fast-paced, intense, and highly competitive sport. Compared to team sports like football and basketball, the court size is much smaller. The teams hit, block, place, vary the speed to get a positive result in their favor. The game result changes rapidly. Volleyball requires high athletic ability, focus, flexibility, stamina, and endurance from its players. The volleyball team consists of six players. The position at random, not possible. Player position vital to success. The coach needs to identify which player is best suited for the respective spot. The success of the team depends on six volleyball positions on court. Responsibility of each player to focus on performing in his volleyball positions on court for success.

Outside Hitter

Position vital to team fortunes. Known as a left-side hitter or left-wing spiker with expertise in jumping ability and hitting hard. Outside hitter executes most of the offense hits and is the main focal point in attack. It is the go-to position in times of crisis. Hitting ability needs to be from the front and back rows. Works well in defense to receive serves. Works in tandem with middle-hitter to block shots. Calling out hitters, primary passing, and blocking opponent shots are other responsibilities.

Opposite Hitter

Another name is a right-side hitter. Highly versatile in offense and defense with jumping skills. Works in tandem on blocks with the middle hitter. Blocks shots from opponent outside hitter. Plan and executes quick attacks on the opponent.


The number one contributor to the team. Need to be quick-footed, nimble, agile with a delicate touch. Feeds and sets up other players for attacks. Setter needs to be vocal, use dump shots on opponents to surprise them, identify blockers and block, dig on defense.

Middle Hitter

Also known as a middle blocker. The tallest in the team usually plays in this position. Play from the net center area and always on alert for swift attacks by the opponent. Works in tandem with the setter for offense attacks. Surprises opponents by acting as a decoy during the offense.

Defense Specialist

High expertise in defense. Replace player with lesser skills in the back row. Substitution must for this position with referee nod. The defensive specialist needs to have the ability to rotate to any spot in the front row. Need to dig or attack depending on the match situation.


Highly defense focused position. Play in the back row. Passing skills need to be at their best. They receive any serve or attack from the opposition. Need to set up the setter for attacks. Differ from teammates by wearing a jersey of a different color. Cannot set attack or blocking from the front row. Ball attack from above the height of net not allowed. Crucial to ball setting due to the non-availability of the setter.

Six volleyball positions on court are very critical to team performance. The coach is responsible for placing the apt player in the right position. Any mistake here could lead to losing the match. All volleyball positions are like a linked chain. Any broken link in the six volleyball positions on court will cost the game.