July 20, 2024

Close-up Of Male Plumber Fixing White Sink Pipe With Adjustable Wrench

Solving the Kitchen Sink Drain Leak: Your Guide to Plumbing

The kitchen sink drain leaking is one of the complaints that most home owners are likely to encounter at one time or the other. Whether you are residing in Burnaby or any other part of the Fraser Valley, it is easy to take the sink for granted. But, until it begins to leak and cause you all sorts of inconveniences or even bring about water damage if you do not fix it as soon as possible. In this blog we will discuss the possible causes of The kitchen sink drain leaking, possible solutions needed to rectify it, and situations that would require the service of a professional plumber.

Why is my Kitchen sink drain so leaky?

Here are several possible reasons for why your kitchen sink drain is leaking. The most frequently encountered cause is a loose or broken pipe joint or coupling. Eventually, the pipes joined to one another may experience some degree of disconnection or come loose frequently used. 

Another possible cause is a faulty seal or gasket, as these elements may wear out after a certain operating time. These components assist to retain water within the pipe systems and once they are compromised, leakages result. If you are a homeowner living in an old house in Burnaby or Fraser Valley then your pipes may be old and in dire need of an upgrade.

The Best Ways to Stop Leaking Kitchen Sink Drain

Stopping a leaky kitchen sink drain is something that can be easily done at home without the help of a plumber. The first step that should be taken is to check for leaking pipes beneath the sink. Take note of any noticeable cracks or indications of wear & tear. If there is some joint that you realize is loose, then it can be tightened by the use of a wrench. In case of a worn out seal or gasket it indicates that that particular part will have to be replaced. Ensure that water flow is stopped before proceeding to work on the sink to prevent water damage.

When to Call Fraser Valley Plumbing Services

More often than not, a leaking kitchen sink drain poses to be a problem that is not just trivial. If the water spill has caused substantial damage, or if you are unable to identify the exact location of the leak, then it is advisable to seek the services of a professional. Expert and well-equipped Fraser valley plumbing would be in a better position to address the issue with the most appropriate solution. They can also assist in avoiding such issues by checking the condition of your entire drainage system.


It is therefore important to understand that a leaking kitchen sink drain is a fixable problem if done right. If you have to personally fix the problem, or call a professional, it is recommended that the drainage Burnaby be resolved as soon as possible to prevent other damages from happening.

Now, if you are a resident of Burnaby or Fraser Valley, then do not wait to contact the local plumbing services. Danville Plumbers are equipped with the right knowledge and expertise to help you repair your kitchen sink drain and your home’s plumbing system.