June 16, 2024

Tell me what sign you are and I’ll tell you what kind of orgasm you have

The orgasm horoscope: this is how you reach the peak of pleasure based on your zodiac sign.

What does our orgasm depend on? From a number of factors: first of all from the deep knowledge of our own body, from the skill of our partner, from the understanding, from the passion, and so on. Similarly, we could say that there are different types of orgasms, based on the part of the body that is most stimulated during partial or full intercourse. But we would never have said that the climax could depend on our zodiac sign. But yes, an article on EliteDaily explains, which we have briefly translated. It makes us smile a little, but in this way, it would explain why on a subconscious level – when we meet a new person – we want to ask her what sign it is. We illustrated the article with the zodiacal tables of the comic artist Milo Manara, incredibly suggestive and sensual.


Who belongs to the sign of Aries is an independent person and therefore also the pleasure to be achieved will be in a certain sense autonomous. Whether alone or with others, the Aries woman takes care of her orgasms by herself. She is aware and sometimes she prefers to be alone, with the certainty that it is still better than being badly accompanied (and this is also a true fact bed). Yes, we are talking about masturbation.


Tauruses are aware of their five senses and treasure them when they’re between the sheets. She is an evolved woman and her senses come alive in orgasm – which happens only to the touch for all the other zodiac signs. A bit like in vampire mythology.


Gemini “make it strange.” Their orgasm is therefore linked to what is called “kinky sex” and which includes various fetishes, bondage, and various BDSM. Gemini oozes sex from every pore and is unequivocally good in the sheets.


Cancer is a sign that has to do with emotionality: for those of this sign, there is no sex without love. In everything they do, they bring the feeling, and therefore orgasm is also a highly emotional experience: for them, there are therefore sad orgasms, happy orgasms, and sometimes even anxious orgasms. Because the heart and private parts, in this case, go hand in hand.


Anything to do with Leo is expensive. Expensive sheets, expensive sex toys, expensive lingerie. And even the orgasm will be an expression of that luxury that the Leo surrounds herself with because she loves beautiful things, done well – because also and above all in this kind of thing, what you pay, is what you “eat”. Her orgasm will be like an exploding cork of sparkling wine. Or, better, champagne.


Virgo is the sign of communication and her orgasm will also be an assertive orgasm. She knows what she wants and knows exactly how to ask her partner. And in the end, she will also worry about communicating if she liked it or if there is room for improvement.


The Libra climax has to do with one’s vanity – because one often stands on a pedestal, even with one’s proverbial balance. The climax of pleasure must take place in the mirror, looking at yourself in a reflection of enormous pleasure.


The one of Scorpio is instead the explosive climax of the zodiac, as of course the most passionate sign. The intensity is so great that it makes the walls of the bedroom tremble – and the bathroom, the dining room, the kitchen, and so on. Irresistible and full of screams, that’s what their orgasm is like.


Sagittarius is endowed with positive energy, radiates energy. And this energy, made of vibrations that expand in the air, also has to do with the peak of pleasure. It’s all quite fast, but also intense, almost epic.


Capricorn has a great sense of responsibility, is organized and stable. In bed, however, she must be in control of the situation, for this reason, it is thought that she can have a dominatrix orgasm, powerful but also totally controlled. A Capricorn woman doesn’t let herself go but that doesn’t mean her orgasms aren’t intense quite the opposite.


The sign of Aquarius has to do with the element of water and therefore her orgasm will also be connected to it. The climax of the aquarium is therefore as powerful as the ocean, unpredictable, impetuous, and perhaps even dangerous. There is no doubt that it is wet, but this is common to all the zodiac signs.


The fundamental trait of the sign of Pisces is creativity and therefore also the height of pleasure for them will be incredibly creative, in color. The orgasm will have a rhythm, like music: it starts slowly and then grows like a fast and catchy chorus. It is something that has to do with the brain because in this case more than ever sexuality is a mental thing.