April 24, 2024

The Best Opportunities for Location Independent Business

Many have experienced the shift to permanent remote working over this past year, and as 2021 continues many more may be making the adjustment as a growing number of people seek out information here at digitalnomads.world to help aid in the change to newer remote working opportunities, but other opportunities are starting to arise for those looking to make the change to location independent working as opportunities in content creation and as an influencer have certainly started to top the list. But there are many more opportunities in location independent business that have been around for some time providing further opportunities for those willing to try.

(Image from medium.com)

Opportunities in freelance – Freelancing has long been a mainstay for those looking to have the ability to travel whilst choosing their own working schedule and now encompasses a huge number of different markets – the rise of social media has allowed many to explore different options in the space, or even self-promotion through the platforms, and mainstays in work like design and coding continue to lead the way too. The market has become a little saturated in recent years, but if you’re looking for easy options to introduce you to the location independent market, freelancing certainly provides an easy way forward and an easy intro into this style of working.

E-Commerce is on the rise too – With methods taken like drop shipping and FBA options, e-commerce has become a choice for some. You are a little limited as some options may required you to have easy access to a good shipping option if you’re looking to use platforms like Etsy, for example, but if you’re looking for drop shipping as another example, you’re less reliant on that. If you’re looking to explore certain markets in particular though, e-commerce may certainly provide a business opportunity for those looking for it.

Coaching and similar approaches – Online platforms have given a louder voice to many too, and it is leading to the emergence of different niches in coaching opportunities – from life coaching, mental health coaching, business coaching, or even toward options in growing passions and hobbies such as gaming as coaching here has certainly grown to be amongst the most popular. This past year having seen platforms like Zoom grow has also expanded these opportunities and have allowed further exploration for online coaching options.

General online business – Other professions that may have typically relied on a physical presence have been shifting away in recent years – accounting and bookkeeping provide a perfect example of professions that have been moving increasingly remote, and are becoming more location independent, and this year is providing further opportunities to those operating in these, and many other spaces too.

This will be the major shift in business moving forward, where many have focussed on the shift to remote working over the past year, location independent business will certainly be another area to focus on moving forward too, and could lead to major changes in how many conduct business.