December 3, 2023

The best work-life routine of high achiever Alex Mendieta

Alejandro or Alejandro Mendieta started his journey from humble beginnings. Even though he is always in the news for the wrong reasons, Alex Mendieta is a self-made man. He is originally from Columbia, but he started making a name for himself in Australia. He is known for his blunt attitude and honest words. Even though he is a hard worker, he has engaged himself in several other activities besides his work from time to time. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Mendieta believes in Charity

Although he might be rough verbally, Alex Mendieta believes in Charity work. Although it is not a well-known fact, he has been a public speaker for quite a long time. Whatever earnings he got from public speaking, he donated it entirely to charity. Apart from being associated with the ‘Clown Doctors’ Charity, he also runs two self-funded charities. The main charity under him is called ‘Give a child a bike.’ It focuses on the kids of Vietnam, who are underprivileged. They cannot afford to ride a bus to school and hence, have to walk. This charity focuses on providing a bike to these kids. Almost 500 bikes are donated every year to these kids from this foundation.

The other charity aims to help international students who are in their final year. Often, these students are unable to pay their fees and have to discontinue their higher education. But not anymore as the charity has helped several of them to finish their final year of education abroad. This shows that Alex Mendieta is not a racist when he doesn’t want the government to give away stuff for free to the minorities. He only has an issue if people are not hardworking as it leads to a weak society.

A well known public speaker

Alex Mendieta was active as a public speaker from 2013 to late 2016. He left it as he believed that he is doing more harm than good through his public speaking. He believed that his speeches would give rise to future competitors, and he didn’t want that. However, recently he had a change of heart and decided to start public speaking again. Probably, the reason behind this is that he wanted to run his self-funded charities properly. However, his speeches are not for everyone. Even though he is a good orator, his audience is not exclusive.

He is not known to be friendly towards the minorities. He is not a racist, but he believes that the laid back attitude that the government has developed in the minorities is an issue. Mendieta is a hardworking man and believes that to create a strong society, and everyone needs to contribute. His views might be controversial, but a lot of people want to listen to what he has to say. You can definitely hate him or like him. But Alex Mendieta is not the one who can be ignored. In order to see whether he makes a comeback to public speaking or not, you have to wait till 2021!