July 19, 2024

The Role of Social Media Monitoring in Your Company’s Success

Out of 26 of unsatisfied customers, one will complain to you about the poor service or products while 91% of the rest leave. Taking care of your customers should, therefore, be a priority in your business. Responding to complaints increases customer satisfaction. When dissatisfied customers see that you respond to criticisms, they might give you a second chance. However, you cannot take care of your customers if you are not aware of their conversations on your pages, reviews, and feedback. Social media monitoring is, therefore, crucial.

How Social Media Monitoring Works

Social media monitoring is the act of using specific tools to gain insight into what users say about your brand, topic, products, and services on various social media platforms. Monitoring tools crawl through numerous sites and indexes them continuously, making query/string-based searches easy to carry out. Crawling through sites like twitter occurs in real-time, while for some, it is every few minutes or even every 24 hours. Based on the specifications of the tool you use, monitoring can occur automatically or facilitated by data providers. When you conduct a search string or query, you will find mentions of particular phrases or words of interest to your brand, which you can then read, dice, slice, and makes sense of it.

Since the internet comprises of a lot of spam, you should ensure that you avoid all the junk and focus on relevant data. To find the most pertinent information, it would be better if look for mentions in specific regions, various languages, and particular sites and pages.

Criteria for Choosing Monitoring Tools

Although the market has many free social media monitoring tools, as your business grows, you will need to invest a quality tool like the ones developed by NetBase. A suitable social media tool for you will depend on your needs.

Some tools may look similar but differ in coverage and functionality, so make a list of the key features you need, develop comparisons, and keep your budget in mind. Some of the key features include the ability to integrate, accuracy, speed, and user-friendliness.

Social Monitoring Effects on Business

Besides playing a massive role in the health of your brand, it also serves many company departments, from marketing to customer service. Whenever you find issues related to customer service through social media monitoring, you should not only address the immediate effects but also make continuous improvements so that you live up to the customer’s expectations.

It also gives you insights into the areas you are excelling in and the reasons for the success, hence making sure you stay ahead of your competition. Additionally, it helps in identifying and monitoring the performance of new influencers you might benefit from working with and also keep up with the achievements of your current influencers.

Essential Areas to Monitor

Before diving in, you must determine the areas you want to focus on; having a plan increases your success as you will know what to look for and how to use the results for the benefit of your company. Brand names should be top of your list as some people may mention your company but forget to include hashtags. Keep an eye on names and common misspellings of your products as well. Do an extensive social media audit to lay out a proper plan for your channels.

You should also monitor keywords associated with your products or services. For example, if you operate in the hotel industry, you could watch out for phrases like “best places to eat.” Also, monitor customer needs and sentiments to get a feel of the pricing and content of the products.

The long term strategies of your company need to take into consideration the sentiments of your customers as it is impossible to achieve your goals without their input.