May 23, 2024

online modeling

The Surprising Link Between Psychology and Online Modeling

If you work in non-adult online modeling, which doesn’t involve any nudity or sexual acts in order to entice members to spend as much time as possible inside the private chat, you most certainly asked yourself the next question: what role do you play in your members’ lives? Since you don’t satisfy any of their sexual needs, you can’t be seen as “virtual lover”. And the fact that sometimes they become so intimate with you, sharing their deepest and most private thoughts, means that you are more than “just a friend”.

So what are you, how do members relate to the girls they encounter in online modeling? The answer is more complex than a few words, this is why we decided to treat it in a whole article. First of all, we must mention that we are only talking about non-adult cam jobs, where models need to have totally different skills compared to the adult type. In short, they must have great conversational skills, they must show empathy at all times and they must be able to put themselves in their members’ shoes.

If this sounds pretty familiar, you are not wrong: from this point of view, online modeling and psychology have a thing or two in common. People who request both type of services need them in order to satisfy a need buried deep inside them, and to fill a void or a gap they are missing in their lives. Sometimes, it might be something obvious, such as loneliness or the fact that they are single for a long time, but in other cases it can be much more profound.

For example, if you hear that your member is married, has children and has a good job, but he still appeals to online modeling, you should worry a bit and know exactly what questions to ask. He could suffer from underachieving or even depression or other dark thoughts. Usually, this perfidious disease hides in the least obvious places, this is why they say that people who laugh the most in public cry the most in private.

However, when you encounter such a member, you have to be very careful how you approach him and what questions you ask because you never know what reaction you might trigger. The most important thing you should learn when you start online modeling, is that no two people are the same and you must adapt to each and every one of them. Actually, the goal is to befriend them and to gain their trust, so you will find out more and more about them each session. This is another thing in common with psychology.

Therefore, in order to answer the question in the beginning of the article, we must say that the connection between online modeling and psychology is that, in both cases, there is a strong relationship between the two participants, based on trust. Maintaining this relationship is beneficial both for you and your member since you will advance in your career and he will be helped by your pieces of advice. So, when somebody says that you are “just a model”, nod your head and tell them you are much more than that.