July 25, 2024

Things to Pack When Traveling With Your Children, Including the Berkey Travel Water Filter

You might look forward to the planned trip with your children. You’ve always wanted to go out with them even just for a few days. They’re also excited since they can head out of school for a while and bond with you. Although it’s fun, it could also be exhausting. Your children have plenty of needs, and you can’t afford to forget anything. Otherwise, it would be a disaster. Start by packing the Berkey travel water filter. The health of your children is a priority. You don’t know if the tap water in your destination is potable. If it isn’t, you can at least use the water filter to stay safe.

Waterborne illnesses are common around the world, and there are plenty of water systems that are contaminated. Instead of drinking the water from the faucet, you can let it go through the filter first. Bottled water is also an option, but you won’t always be close to a store. Your children would already be dehydrated by the time that you have access to clean drinking water.

Apart from a high-quality potable water filter, there are other things to consider when traveling. Pack these essentials so your children will be safe, and you won’t have any problem throughout the trip.


Getting access to a local hospital or clinic can be challenging in some places. If your child has a pre-existing condition, it’s best to bring a complete set of medicines with you. The cost of healthcare in some countries are way too high, and you might hesitate to get medical treatment even if you have to. Don’t forget the first aid kit to treat primary injuries and headaches. If your children have different medical issues, you can’t forget anything.


It’s a challenge to keep your children busy during the trip. If they’re bored due to the long flights, they might start crying. Children have a short attention span, and you need something to cheer them up. Some of these toys might be bulky, buy you have to take them with you. Their favorite toy should be with them at all times. If they look for it and you have nothing to show, you’re in trouble.

Snacks and preserved meals 

Children love eating, and they might keep asking for food when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Since you can’t buy from a store yet, it helps if you have packed some snacks. Preserved meals are also useful since they last longer. If your children have food restrictions, you have even more reasons to bring extra food. You don’t know how easy it is to access the food that your children can eat. You don’t want to starve them while waiting. You should do the same for yourself.

Lots of clothes

Playing around can make children look messy and dirty. They need to change their clothes constantly. After eating, they have to change again since they might spill what they ate. Children who are not yet potty-trained also require regular changes. You need separate luggage just for your children’s clothing. Research your destination too. Pack the right clothes based on the weather. If you failed to pack winter clothes and visited a cold region, your children might get ill.

Electronic devices

If your children can play with electronic devices, you have to bring them with you. When they watch a funny or entertaining video, it’s enough to keep their focus. You will notice that they behave well when they cannot use a mobile device. Don’t forget to bring chargers and battery packs. It might take time before you can find a plug to recharge.

Laundry soap

If you’re staying in another place for some time, you need to wash the clothes. You didn’t bring enough clothes to get you through the next several days. Since your children could have allergic reactions to some laundry detergents, you have to bring one from home. Find a detergent that they’re already used to, and guarantee that there will be no side effects.

Strollers, high chairs, and cribs

You need these things to keep your children comfortable. You will also relax because you don’t have to carry your children with you at all times. The problem is that these things are too bulky. Even the collapsible versions are still heavy. The good thing is that you can rent these items. Make sure you can find a place where you can rent strollers and cribs.

Hygiene kit

Traveling during this time could pose significant risks. It’s even bigger when you have children with you. Make sure you have a hygiene kit to keep everyone safe. Washable masks are a must-have. You should also bring enough hand sanitizers, soaps, and toothpaste. Your children might have special requirements in regards to the use of these products. It’s safer to bring the items from home.

Ziplock bags

You need these bags to serve as your trash bin while traveling. Some places don’t have containers where you can throw your trash away. Ziplock bags can hold your trash for a while. If you found a bin, you can throw them away. Ziplock bags can so keep used clothes that you couldn’t wash yet. They’re also perfect in keeping foods clean and easy to eat.

Given all these things, you can say that traveling with children can be exhausting. However, these trips can also create long-lasting memories. Make sure you pursue your plans even if it’s challenging. Don’t forget to meet with a pediatrician before traveling to ensure that your children are healthy and fit to travel.

Call your loved ones back home to update them about your trip. The phone number of your physician should also be on your speed dial. If your child ends up with a medical problem, you can call the doctor back home. It might take time before you meet a local doctor, and there’s no guarantee you can find someone who can offer quality services. You would instead connect with a doctor you already trust.