February 27, 2024

Things you need to know about hair prp treatment

Hair loss is the most common problem faced by most men and women. You can try multiple hair remedies, hair oil, mask or shampoo, there are factors beyond these that can cause hair loss. For instance, stress can impact your hair loss, however, the irony is that hair loss occurs due to stress and seeing the hair fall causes more stress. So you are trapped in this never-ending cycle. But what to do, is there something that can show positive results for your hair loss issue? Yes, PRP is a very famous hair loss treatment that is done in a clinic by a dermatologist. Here is all you need to know about Clinique Anti Aging hair PRP treatment:

What is PRP treatment?

PRP is a chemical treatment done on the scalp which is used to reduce hair fall problems. It helps in triggering your natural hair follicles and grows new hair. After this treatment, your scalp will receive more blood supply and as a result, the hair fall is controlled and hair growth is promoted.

How is PRP treatment done?

PRP is done in a few sessions, mostly three. The dermatologist will collect your blood sample, and treat it in a specific machine that separates your blood into three layers. The platelet-rich plasma is drawn into a syringe and injected into your scalp.

How painful is the PRP treatment?

PRP treatment doesn’t cause much discomfort. It may just feel like a needle prick every time the dermatologist inserts the needle in your scalp or skin. The treatment doesn’t require any sedatives as it is just a minor procedure. However, if you want you can ask your doctor to give you anesthesia.

Side effects of PRP treatment?

PRP treatment doesn’t include any long-term side effects. You may feel a little redness or pricking feeling during or after the procedure. However, there is not much recovery time required and you can resume your normal work after a few hours of the procedure.

Unlike most hair treatments like hair transplants, PRP is considered one of the safest and risk-free procedures with efficient results. Since, it is your blood that is injected back, the chances of you facing any allergies or side effects are not likely. So, if you are troubled because of your hair loss and are tired of trying all the possible remedies, then PRP is something you can try. With a few sessions, you can get the hair you always dreamt of.