February 28, 2024


The nose is that one part of our face, which perfectly balanced and looks the way you want to, can boost confidence. Nose job or Rhinoplasty Toronto is one of the most popular and life-changing cosmetic procedures. People undergo the procedure for both medical and aesthetical reasons. The procedure can fix a deviated septum and help you to breathe better. It can also make your nose sit perfectly on your face and fix a nose that you feel is too broad, too long, or too big. If you are planning to undergo the procedure, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

Why do you want to undergo the procedure?

The first and the most critical question that you should ask is, why do you want to undergo the rhinoplasty procedure? Different people undergo the procedure for various reasons. A lot of people agonize over the shape and size of their nose. Sometimes it can take a toll on the person’s mental health and impact their self-esteem. It is a perfectly good reason to consider rhinoplasty, as it will help to change your nose in such a way that it sits in harmony with your facial features.

Sometimes it so happens that you might have a friend who has undergone rhinoplasty, and they are really happy with their results. But if this is the reason you want to undergo the procedure, you might want to rethink it. Cosmetic procedures are usually carried out to help you feel better about yourself or fix a physical deformity that you aren’t comfortable with. It would be best if you did not opt for facial cosmetic surgery because someone you know has undergone it or because you are pressurized by your partner or someone else.

How long do the results last?

The results of the procedure are long-lasting. It would help if you thought it over before you plan to undergo the procedure and not take any decisions rashly. To get the best results out of the procedure, you should carefully follow the pre-op and the post-op instructions. The results of the procedure are not something that can be reversed with much ease. Some people also experience anxiety after undergoing the procedure as they feel that their appearance has altered their identity and personality. Whenever you are planning to undergo the procedure, make sure that you are mentally prepared for it.

What happens in Rhinoplasty?

The nose is composed of a slender cartilage bone and soft tissues, making the procedure a delicate one. The nose requires more time to heal than any other cosmetic procedure. If you are planning to undergo the procedure, you should understand the procedures’ results can’t be crossed overnight. You must be prepared for the healing process to take place. You will start noticing the changes only two weeks after the procedure. The nose can, however, take up two years to heal completely. So it is recommended to take some time off to recover.