July 19, 2024

Top 5 CompTIA Certifications (Cost, Prerequisites, Exams)

It is very clear that the certifications of IT seem to be greatly advantageous to the career of the professionals of information technology. However, several assumptions getting highly demanded certifications would upgrade your salary as well as enhance the probability of getting the highly paid jobs in the field of IT and also enhance the level of self-assurance by improving your technical abilities. The topmost way to enhance your career is to go and get enrolled in such fields to attain some relevant certifications. If a person is having an interest in computer and currently operating in any of its field such as computer-security, organizations administration and in the environment of the server then there’re a huge variety of certs available which provides a platform to your talent.

When we deeply take consideration on the fact that what are certain causes which forces the experts of IT to become certified; the clearer thing is that they are not getting it for only money. A handsome pay is an advantageous itself, though it doesn’t encourage them to get the certification in IT. The fact is that IT experts are always hunting for knowledge as well as ambitious to enhance such areas where they are expert. As a consequence, they attain very fruitful outcomes.

Top 5 CompTIA Certifications

As soon as you read this article, you would have enough knowledge regarding the topmost five CompTIA certs which would increase your value to your company.

CompTIA Security+ Certification

If you are interested in the most exciting career in the field of network security then the topmost one to start your career is the certification of CompTIA Security+. Security is considered as the most widely increasing subject in IT. As soon as you pass this certification course successfully, it means you’re enough expert in the areas of network substructure, organization security as well as access control. This certification is considered as a large step-up to the Security+ cert because it forms on the networking by the focus on essential features of the security. There is an increase in demand of the security professionals of Information Technology and it’s all because of the reason that there are the cyber-threats to the computer security which is continuously increasing in both severity and quantity. This cert is compliant to the standards of I.S.O-17024 and also ratified by the United States D-o-D to fulfil the directive demands of 8140/8570.01-M. Also, the cost is around 349 U.S dollars. It is globally accepted that Security+ certification would assist the experts to make around 110,305 U.S dollars annually.

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

This certification is considered as the topmost wanted certs and numerous experts of IT would always desire to own it. It’s a security-based cert which mainly highlights the following areas:

  • It manages risk and prediction
  • Enterprise-security
  • Analyze risk

The terminology of enterprise-security is a precarious feature of CASP as it offers great technical abilities which manage SME size organization and many more. It reveals that the professional of IT own high-level understanding as well as abilities in the area of computer security. CASP+ is an international cert and is seller neutral as well as reveals that the owner has enough competencies in the areas of enterprise-security, computing incorporation, and the disciplines in business. It is amenable with the standards of ISO 17024 and ratified by United States DoD to fulfil the directive demands of 8140/8570.01-M. Furthermore, the cost is about 462 U.S. dollars.

CompTIA Network+ Certification

CompTIA Network+ Certification is the topmost favourite cert of CompTIA, particularly for the IT experts of entry-level. It is quite more significant for the one who has goals to become an Information Technology support person. As soon as you hold this cert then you would have enough competencies in the areas of administration, preservation, setting up, troubleshooting and formation of elementary network substructure. Similar to the certification of A+, this Network+ is the cert of entry-level which refers to the fact that you wouldn’t need a degree in computer science on account to clear the examination. On the other side, CompTIA suggests that you should go for the cert of A+ before enrolling for this certification. Furthermore, CompTIA certification training suggests that a person must own experience of a minimum of nine months to work in the field of network support, training in academic or else network management. Also, the cost of this certification is 329 U.S. dollars. Individuals who are certified in this cert have an opportunity to make 107,135 U.S. dollar annually.

CompTIA Server+ Certification

If a person wants to take the initiative of their career in the area of server support, this CompTIA Server+ Certification seems to be the best one to takes a start. This cert is flawless for the system managers and the reason is as soon as you have it, it prepares you for the practical skills and also knowledge which is required for shaping and continuing and also troubleshooting along with hardware techs. In actual, it is a middle-level cert which covers the concepts of advanced computing and there is not the requirement of entry-level courses. Consequently, there is a requirement of around 18 to 24 months of relevant working experience in any server environment. Furthermore, the cost of this certification is 335 U.S. dollars.

CompTIA A+:

This certification was announced in the year of 1993, it’s the most widely renowned one as well as also learners are searching for it as their initial course to their career. CompTIA A+ cert course mainly shows that an individual owns the competency in the area of a computer technician. It consists of numerous operating systems such as IBM, Apple, Microsoft and Novell among other operating systems as well as it encompasses several technologies too. This certification of 220-1001 encompasses the devices of the smartphone, virtualization, network tech, hardware, and cloud computing along with network troubleshooting. This A+ 220-1002 also incorporate installation and configuration of operating-systems extended the security, software trouble-shooting as well as functioning processes.  Furthermore, this certification priced 235 U.S. dollars.


The entire range of the certifications of CompTIA is a great mode to upgrade your career. These are the ones which are globally renowned as well as vendor-neutral. Such certs make your path of the career fully fruitful as there is a high demand for professionals in this field.  Owing to any certification or else any two or 3 would assure that you would be beneficial to your organization.