May 22, 2024

Top Italian Films & Series Available On Netflix

OTT platforms have made it possible for people to access premium video content anytime and anywhere. The only problem is the content available in one country is not accessible in another. This becomes a problem for people who avidly sail on different platforms to find the content of different languages by globally renowned directors and script-writers. Visual content opens them to different cultures and understands different perspectives. Meanwhile, if you are looking for 

Netflix italia all estero then here is a complete list of top Italian films and web series available on Netflix for different genres. 

Web Series

  • Carlo and Malik 

This Netflix original series one of the best crime-based dramas. The story revolves around the gripping topic of immigration were an Italian immigrant officer Malik partners with veteran police detective Carlo. The show is bravely written and effectively puts out word for the judgment and acceptance immigrants face in the roman community. 

  • Suburra 

Another crime drama but about rivaling mafia gangs, corrupt politicians, and involvement of the catholic church – this series represents the dark side of Italy. The series is well-directed and provides insight on organized crimes and how deep its roots are in Italian society. 

  • Medici 

Set in 15th century Florence, the captures the powerful Medici family of Florence. With the well-knitted, captivating storyline of politics and arts, with lustful encounters, murders, and much more. 

  • Ordinary Heroes 

If you are forward to Netflix Italia all estero this documentary series is going to be a joyride. It is all about the four selflessnesses of the four Italian citizens that transformed their communities and shaped the life of people. Three episodes and three stories and an uplifting experience it is one of the best web series. 


  • The Wonders

One of the best works of director Avi Nesher – ‘The Wonder’ is a thought-evoking movie that leaves you in a whirlpool of moods and emotions. The movie has mystery, comedy, romance, and a psychological twist. It is hard to put the movie in a certain genre and even harder to miss out. 

  • Happy as Lazzaro 

Don’t confuse Italians as serious people, ‘Happy Lazzaro’ is going to surprise you with the tale of two friends in the serene background of a pastoral village in Italy. Their unusual alliance is going to change take you away in the well-made drama with some unforgettable moments of laughter. 

  • They Call Me Jeeg

The best part about Netflix Italia all Estero is it helps you see one of the best works outside your national borders and if you have not seen ‘They Call Me Jeeg’ you will be missing out on one of the best full-fledged superhuman stories. It is a story of a man Enzo Ceccotti, an anti-social man with superhuman powers falling in love with Alessia.  It is one of kind coming age movies.