March 1, 2024

Treating the Body and the Mind

Adelante Recovery Center is a Corona Del Mar alcohol and drug rehab facility that believes in a holistic approach for its patients. With its stunning views of Catalina Island, just one mile from the beach, this tranquil environment is designed to feel like a patient’s home away from home during recovery.

What is Holistic Care?

Holistic care, sometime called alternative or complementary care, is a healing approach that centers on the entire person. A holistic approach to breaking addiction takes into account a patient’s physical, psychological and spiritual needs.

Treatment at this Corona Del Mar alcohol and drug rehab center often begins with traditional methods like a medical detox to rid the body of addictive substances and a 12-step approach to breaking the cycle of addiction. Holistic care goes even further to nurture the mind, body and spirit of a patient. Holistic care offers patients a way to achieve calm and balance in their lives. It can help settle emotional imbalances that might contribute to substance abuse. Holistic treatment may also help ease the symptoms of withdrawal and help rid the body of environmental toxins.

Entering treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can be a very scary step. Holistic therapies are designed to help patients feel more centered and balanced at a time when they are working to make positive changes in their lives.  Sometimes holistic treatment helps patients feel more spiritually grounded.

Adelante Recovery Center offers patients opportunities to practice yoga, take hikes, participate in art therapy and go on outings to the nearby beautiful Southern California beach.

Focused on the Individual

At Adelante Recovery Center there is no one-size-fits-all program to break the power of addiction. The entire team at this Corona Del Mar alcohol and drug rehab center believes in meeting the unique, individual needs of each patient. Adelante Recovery Center offers innovation in treatment while adhering to proven methods to help patients regain their lives. The goal is to offer a safe, sympathetic and welcoming environment that fosters healing from addiction and a balanced approach to life. Individual treatment plans may include supervised medical detox, residential rehabilitation, inpatient programs or even dual-diagnosis therapy for patients facing both addiction and a mental illness. There are opportunities for both group and individualized counseling sessions. Each patient care team strives to find the best combination of therapy to help that patient break free from the bonds of addiction.

Adelante Recovery Center in beautiful Corona Del Mar, California offers a haven of treatment for patients addicted to drugs or alcohol. In a luxurious and relaxed setting, patients experience the highest quality individualized care in a program that treats both the body and the mind through medical and holistic care.