May 23, 2024

Types of Doormats

Doormats are the best ones that are used to place outside to prevent dirt from entering offices and homes. A doormat is a common thing that we see in almost every home. A doormat is also known as a welcoming mat, so a good doormat creates a welcoming atmosphere. They are available in many departmental stores in different shapes and sizes. Nowadays, they are available online as well at different rates.  While choosing a doormat many people just look for the best color and then they buy it, whereas it is a wrong approach. One should always buy a door mat based on the fabric.


There are different types of doormats. If you are going to purchase a doormat then you should have knowledge about them. So, you can make the right decision. Some important types are as follows.

  • Scraper Doormats

Scraper doormats are popular ones that are placed outside the house. These mats allow people to scrape off their shoes before coming inside the home. Removing dirt from shoes by scraping on these mats is easy because they have edges. They are long-lasting doormats which are made up of tough materials like coir, PVC and vinyl etc. They do not fade easily and are made to withstand daily foot traffic.

  • Interior Mats

If you are looking for mats for the interior door then you should go with a beautiful interior doormat. Interior mats are available in different shapes, colors, designs and patterns that can fit well in any kind of décor. They are UV resistant and do not fade from direct sunlight. They have the strength to remove the water and dirt from the shoes. The great feature of these mats is that they have the backing of latex, rubber or plastic that makes them non-slippery mats.

  • Drainage Mats

Drainage mats are especially used to reduce the amount of water and dirt that enters the building. These mats are very functional and widely used in commercial spaces. The liquid and small pieces of food drain through the holes in the mat, later which can be cleaned easily by just picking up the mat. These mats are made up of high-quality rubber and they have a long life span. They are available in different colors and sizes to suit every person’s needs. Drainage mats are resistant to chemicals and grease.

  • Weather Resistant Mats

Weather-resistant doormats are also a popular option for the outdoor area. They are usually made up of vinyl, polypropylene, coir and rubber. They have vinyl backing and they are perfect outdoor mats for all the seasons. Most weather-resistant mats are well resistant to stains and fading that makes them a valuable option.

  • Decorative Doormats

Decorative mats can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. If you are creative then the decorative doormats can be special for you. You can print your own brand logo, funny designs or any other creative design on them. They can be installed to attract guests and visitors.