July 19, 2024

Unknowing Facts about Queen Elizabeth I


Your school or college may have told you about the stories of Queen Elizabeth and also educated you about her life. But there are many facts you are missing about this brave woman of all time. The things which you have learned in your schools is just the tip of the iceberg. 

We have made a compilation of facts and figures you still don’t know about the virgin queen. And I guess no school will ever teach you about this. So, if you want to know some mysterious facts on Elizabeth the I, then the below article is especially for you.

Locket of Queen Elizabeth I

You may have seen any of the portraits of the virgin queen. There is no doubt that all of these pictures have one common similarity in them. And that is the design of her neckless. The design consists of an English alphabet, ‘B’.

But why only B? Queen Elizabeth I got hurt deeply after she came to know that her mother died because of the execution. And the fact that little Elizabeth was called a Mumma’s girl shows that she loved her mother more than Henry VIII. 

To express the limitless love, she wore a diamond necklace with a pendant of letter B. It’s so moving and saying that Elizabeth always kept a picture of her mother near her in a locket. 

Elizabeth I never married

Historians have always found it strange that people try to over-analyse and come up with conspiracy theories as to why Elisabeth never married and had children. The reason most likely was because she came from a dysfunctional, corrupt family, and she did not want to repeat history. 

After all, monarchy and marriage did not mix well with the Tudors. Also, not having heirs may have been revenge on her father as there was never another Tudor king. It was a woman that ended the dynasty of Henry VIII by not marrying. She was probably one of the most powerful women in history.

Skills of Elizabeth I

To your knowledge, Queen Elizabeth was skilful in arts, poetry, swordsmanship, rhetoric. Interestingly she knew popular languages like Greek, German, Spanish and Latin languages. Just like King Henry VIII, she is also excellent in music. 

She also played a stringed instrument called the lute, which was considered the toughest musical instrument back in those days, and even still now, only a few people can play this. After all, she was clever enough to surprise her private tutors with amazing skills of grasping concept within seconds.

Elizabeth I was about to get beheaded

Who knows the meaning of beheading better than Elizabeth? After all, her mother was the one who got beheaded. But do you know that even Elizabeth was about to get chopped by her half-sister?

Yes, when Elizabeth was put forth behind bars, Mary tried to kill her and clear off the way from being the next queen. Although, the virgin queen managed to escape from her cruel sister and kept following the rules. This never gave the opportunity for Mary to cut down her head legally.