May 22, 2024

Voopoo Electric Pods: Ideal For Starters

Voopoo Electric Pods are an ideal starting point for vaping. They’re convenient, user-friendly, and refillable – making them an ideal choice for new vapers.

พอตไฟฟ้า Voopoo comes in a range of flavors and is compatible with Voopoo’s PnP coils, so no matter the e-liquid type you prefer – your Voopoo pods will be an ideal match for your device!

  • Pods

Pods are an increasingly popular category, designed to give users the power of nicotine at whatever strength they desire. When combined with stronger nicotine salt e-liquids and sub-ohm coils, pods deliver a stronger throat hit as well as greater vapor production.

Voopoo Electric Pods is a well-established brand with an excellent reputation for producing quality products that surpass industry expectations. Their pods make great choices for both new and experienced vapers alike!

The Argus Z is an affordable MTL pod system with a straightforward design that’s ideal for beginners.

  • Battery

Voopoo Electric Pods offer a wide variety of batteries, from the lightweight 800mAh model to larger and more powerful units capable of creating huge clouds of vapor. Plus, some units even feature sliders, so you can customize the airflow according to your preferred MTL style of vaping.

The Voopoo Doric Q is an impressive pod device with an internal 800mAh battery, ITO push-fit replacement coil, and 2ml e-liquid capacity. Its design and quality are truly impressive – sure to leave many in awe!

The Doric Q’s onboard 1 amp Type-C USB charging port is tucked away beneath its clear outer shell, taking around 70 minutes to fully charge using the included Type-C USB charging cable. This provided me with enough juice for one full day of vaping before needing another recharge.

  • Charger

Voopoo Electric Pods’ charger is an excellent quality item and suitable for most pod devices. Additionally, it’s compatible with most USB ports, so you can plug it into a computer or other powered device to charge.

The Voopoo Doric Q has an impressive 800mAh internal battery that typically provides me with just over a day’s worth of vaping before needing to recharge. Unfortunately, there isn’t any battery status indication on the LED(s), so it would’ve been nice to know when the battery had reached its low power cut-off point.

  • Coils

Coils can be changed quickly and easily, providing one of the quickest ways to ensure your vape device runs optimally. Voopoo Electric Pods offer a range of coils to suit different styles and tastes – from sub-ohm coils for thicker clouds to stronger nicotine salts with greater throat hits.

Voopoo’s PnP coil range offers five distinct versions, each offering a distinct style of vaping. The VM1 and VM5 coils offer warmer flavors with thicker clouds, while the VM2 and VM3 offer direct-to-lung vaping experiences, respectively.