February 26, 2024

Ways in Which You Can Prepare for Bed Bug Heat Treatment at Your Houston Home

Careful preparation is needed before attempting a comprehensive bed bug heat treatment since this will guarantee that the administered heat reaches all of the bugs, including those that are concealed. Using high heat and fatal temperatures to kill bed bugs may be troublesome when there is a lot of furniture or personal possessions in the path of the heat blast waves. Read on to find out what you need to do in preparation for bed bug heat treatment in your home.

The Working Mechanism of the Bed Bug Heat Treatment.

Knowing how a bed bug heat treatment works is essential in assuring clients that their belongings are safe. Some nuisance pests including bed bugs have a similar temperature threshold to humans. Bed bugs are killed instantly at temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius or more.

Are My Household Items Secure?

Life After Bugs understands that many of your household items are costly and irreplaceable. Our team always advises our clients to clear their worries about thermal processing.  Your home’s structure and electronics are safe during heat treatment.

Ways in Which You Can Prepare for Bed Bug Heat Treatment

To be ready for a bed bug heat treatment, follow these steps:

  1. Clear the clutter.

Clear out the infected space of any and all belongings. By doing so, the technician will be able to reach all regions and give them comprehensive treatment.

  1. Seal and encase your items.

Store anything that can’t be cleaned or dried in sealed containers or plastic bags to stop the spreading of bed bugs all through the house.

  1. Prepare the house.

Vacuum the contaminated area thoroughly after removing any furniture and other things. You should turn off the air conditioning or heating system to stop the spread of bed bugs.

  1. Wash and dry your clothes.

The laundry should be washed in hot water and dried. This will make sure that all the bed bugs in these clothes die and their eggs are destroyed.

Everyone should leave the house or the infected room during the heat treatment procedure. Doing so will protect you and your loved ones from any thermal injury throughout the procedure.

  1. Follow instructions.

Be sure to do everything the technician asks you to do beforehand to ensure that you get the most out of the treatment. Following instructions will ensure that all the bed bugs are killed.

It’s important to get yourself and your house ready for heat treatment. Consult a professional pest control specialist if you have any inquiries or concerns.

Life After Bugs Offers the Most Effective Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Houston.

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult pests to get rid of because they can hide for long periods of time.

Bed bug inspectors at Life After Bugs are highly trained professionals who can pinpoint the exact location of an infestation. Don’t wait till it is too late. Contact Life After Bugs; we promise 100% elimination.