July 25, 2024

Ways to Reduce Trash at Home During Quarantine 

You might notice an increase in the volume of trash at home during the quarantine period. Since everyone stays at home all the time, waste in residential areas also increases. These are the things you need to do to change this reality.

Support restaurants using disposable and reusable containers 

If you always call delivery companies for food takeout, you should be mindful of your trash. It means that you only support restaurants that can guarantee the use of disposable and reusable containers. Make sure that the restaurants don’t put your order in plastic bags. Ask them about it before you finalize your order. You should try cooking more at home so that you won’t rely on restaurants for food all the time.

Purchase separate bins 

If you are yet to start segregating trash at home, now is a good time to do it. You can teach your children how to dispose of their garbage properly. Start by purchasing different bins and labeling them. Tell your children that biodegradable waste can go in one container, while recyclables will be in a separate bin. Explain to them that some items are still useful, and shouldn’t end up in the trash. Identifying which items go in a container would also help.

Start art projects using recycled materials

Since you have more time to be at home, you can start art projects. Look for recycled materials that you can use in doing these projects. The good thing is that you can take this opportunity to bond with your children. After some time, you might run out of things to do. If you start a project using these materials, it’s a wise use of time.

Be mindful when shopping 

You might only head out once a week to shop for essentials. For the rest of the week, you stay home to avoid being in crowded places. However, it doesn’t mean that you should buy items you don’t need. There’s no use in panic buying, and it only deprives others of resources by doing so. Create a list of what you need to shop for before leaving home. Avoid being an impulse buyer and stick to your list. The problem is that if you buy a lot of things you don’t need, some will end up in the trash.

Contact a dumpster rental company

If you want to take out everything you don’t need, it’s understandable. Staying at home gives you more chance to clean every area of your house. It makes sense if you decide to partner with a dumpster rental company like those offering dumpster rental in Hollywood. Even if you throw out a lot of things, you won’t feel guilty. You know that the items will end up in recycling centers. However, even if you can put everything in the same dumpster, you should still be mindful of your trash.

Hopefully, these changes will help reduce the amount of trash produced by your house. It would help if you also remembered to tell your children about the value of correct trash disposal.