May 20, 2024

What All You Get In A PRP Kit?

The most basic yet important factor of PRP platelet activation is achieving the necessary platelet count. This forms the foundation of the platelet treatments. If the sample has a high count of red blood cells, then the sample will be less efficient in the treatment.

The best way and most efficient way to isolate the blood cells is to take a piece of good PRP equipment.

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Their mission is to enable healthcare professionals, wherever they are located, to get a handle on an effective and safe treatment method required by thousands of patients.

As plasmolifting, their approach is very easy. They aim at producing and delivering products which are easy to use, safe and affordable. They also share their findings and achievements with their partners, thus, all of us grow together.

They propose comprehensive and unique training programs that allow healthcare practitioners to get expertise of the Plasmolifting PRP technology.

Let us talk about what you get in a PRP kit and how can useful is it.

List of the basic items in the PRP kit 

1- Blood collection tubes – once the blood sample has been taken from the patient, then the instant task that is done is to hold the sample sterile in the right BCT tubes and PRP tubes.

2- Needles- there are different types of needles that you will need. Some of them are transfer needles, butterfly needles, injection needles, mesotherapy needles, etc. all these needles are having their specific task hence having them is important lest your samples will be contaminated.

3- Syringes – The major role of syringes is to contain the blood inside of them when the blood is being transferred from the patient into the PRP device. They are also required for their role in the PRP system for their role in the eventual PRP injection.

Some other accessories like anticoagulants like Sodium citrate may not be very necessary but having them at a quick disposal is always preferred for the worst-case scenario.


The PRP technique is extremely beneficial for therapeutic purposes and for treating and curing a list of different pains. The PRP therapy is also called autologous blood therapy wherein the blood-rich plasma is produced in PRP tubes and then it is used on the patients. This therapy is proven to be the best natural way of treating any kind of pain.