May 20, 2024

What are pink diamonds and properties telling their value?

In this article, we will discuss what are pink diamonds and their properties, determining their value in the market.

Also, we will discuss where does the origin of this pink colour come from.

What are pink diamonds?

The pink diamond is that type of diamond that has a pink colour and is very rare in the market.

This is because there are two kinds of pink diamonds available in the market.

One is the natural diamond made in the cave and the other in the laboratory-made.

However, there are certain things that you can use to differentiate between them.

Their pink colour is still a mystery, and the Gemological are still working on finding it.

There are several pressures that these diamonds go through when they undergo formation.

Pink diamonds come under the category of fancy diamonds due to their looks and price.

The pink diamond ranges from flawless to included, just like the normal white diamond.

There are several pink diamonds, but only one of them is called completely flawless.

This was named the pink star, but it was later changed to pink dream.

What are the properties that determine its value?

Several properties in a diamond tell their real value.

Here is the list of properties that tell the value of the pink diamond that is found in Australia.

  •  Colour

One of the main things that are used to determine the value of any diamond is its colour.

The more colour a diamond has inside of it, the more valuable it becomes in the market.

More colour is believed to come from hue, saturation, and also tone.

Pink diamond comes in different colours, and the pinkest colour is the fancy vivid pink.

  •  Clarity

All the diamonds are examined under the loupe to check their clarity.

The loupe uses a ten times magnification glass to see if the diamond is of clear properties or not.

  •  Fluorescence

Fluorescence is the diamond that has the least amount of price behind it, as many shows this.

While those diamonds found without fluorescence are rated higher in the market.

Because these kinds of diamonds are considered to be rare and also flawless.

What is the origin of the pink colour?

There are many theories that you will find in the market for a pink diamond.

This is because there has not yet been a sold proof about what gives them the colour pink.

The Gemological department and also the scientists are trying to find out the same.

Some say that the pink colour comes from the pressure it goes when it is being formed.

This theory has been checked with the pink diamond in Australia and is not true.

The theory also states that due to a seismic shock, the pink colour has been there in their diamonds.

Many people still think these are normal diamonds, and due to some changes, it has become different. The scientists determine that due to seismic shock has changed their molecular formula.