July 20, 2024

What Are the Options Available for Small Businesses to Take Grants

All over the world, economies have taken a beating due to COVID-19. As countries begin to rise again and recover from the losses incurred during the pandemic, businesses also scramble to get back on their feet. Those who were fortunate enough not to have shut down permanently are indeed struggling to regain sales while paying off debts or bills that piled up during the temporary shutdowns.

The US government has come up with funding to aid businesses that were greatly impacted by the pandemic. The US Small Business Administration currently offers business grants solely for small businesses affected by the pandemic. But applications for grants are also available for small businesses who want to get their start during the pandemic. As lay-offs also occurred during the pandemic, people shifted gears and began putting up businesses as a source of income.

Aside from the US Small Business Administration grant offerings, other private organizations and government offices also opened up opportunities for small business grants. One of the private organizations offering business grants applications is FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. Every year they open up a $25,000 grant for businesses, but the application process is strict and only open in February of the coming year.

Another private grant is the IdeaCafe $1k Business Grant. The grant amount is at the lower end of the spectrum, but it is awarded to the most innovative or most creative business ideas for startups. This is ideal for businesses that are still on the planning stage and it is best to pour in all the creative ideas you have for a startup.

One federal grant offered by the government is the Small Business Technology Transfer Program, which enables small businesses to partner with a research institution in the entire course of the grant. Various federal departments take part in this business grant such as the Department of Energy, NASA, or the National Science Foundation, and each one has its own set of requirements for applications. It is best to thoroughly read through their website and grant information to prepare for the applications.

Poring through the numerous small business grants available takes plenty of time and effort – time that is better spent in preparing for the applications. Reading through available grants also entails ensuring that one understood all the requirements for applications, and each grant-giving body has its own set of requirements, all of which must be strictly met to get a chance at winning.

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