July 25, 2024

What is a Notebook Computer Like with a Good Sense of Experience?

Friends who use light and thin books to work may have found some pain points. For example, the screen is small and the display has to be connected externally. The performance of the processor drags back. And the heat dissipation cannot keep up with…

There is a product that solves the pain point of using light books in the office. That is HONOR MagicBook Pro. Today 2020 HONOR MagicBook Pro has come. It can be said to experience by going up one flight of stairs.

HONOR MagicBook Pro’s hardware specifications are as follows. AMD Radeon Graphics integrated graphics card (Vega 7), 16 GB DDR4-2666 dual-channel memory, 512 GB PCIe 3.0 × 4 SSD, 16.1 inch (ca. 41 cm)/full HD/100% RGB color gamut/IPS screen, power key integrated fingerprint identification, multi-screen collaboration, support for Fn + P switching high-energy mode, 56Wh battery, preinstalled Windows 10, and the price is £ 849.99 yuan. You can purchase this notebook computer in the HONOR MagicBook Pro official store in UK.

The 16.1-inch screen brings a wonderful experience. No matter work or entertainment, the large screen is more comfortable. But unexpectedly, the 16.1-inch large screen can be so comfortable.

At the moment of the bright screen, it felt like the whole screen was laid in front of me.

The large screen is the most intuitive feature. But the three narrow borders play an important role.

The left, right and upper borders are narrow. The actual measurement is only 4.9 mm. And the lower borders are relatively narrow. Making the screen proportion of HONOR MagicBook Pro as high as 90%. Plus the 16.1-inch screen, the visual impact is really strong.

The frame adopts the design of narrow frame, and the screen quality is quite good. The screen is IPS, and the surface is foggy. Its resolution can reach 1920*1080.

The measured screen color gamut covers 100% sRGB, 75% Adobe RGB, 77% P3, 70% NTSC. The highest brightness is 361.5 cd/m2, and the average E (color standard) = 1.14. Judging from the test parameters, the comprehensive quality of this screen is quite good. With high color gamut, high brightness and excellent color accuracy, which can be said to be an ideal screen.

In addition, the screen has obtained the German Rhine stroboscopic certification. The system has a built-in eye protection mode. It can reduce the damage to eyes caused by watching the screen for a long time.

The screen is large and of good quality. Using the screen of HONOR MagicBook Pro can bring a good experience in work and entertainment.

Look at the text and the form more clearly. The screen color is good and can be used for design work.

The experience of watching movies and chasing plays are fantastic. The color shows full marks and the experience of chasing plays is excellent.

HONOR MagicBook Pro’s performance can only be described by surprise. Unlike most thin computers, which use U-series processors. HONOR MagicBook Pro uses standard pressure processors. Of course, this has been a fine tradition of this series. But this time are extremely powerful and have reached the level of game books.

The processor model is AMD Ryzen 5 4600H. It is an 8-core 16-thread processor with a base frequency of 2.9 GHz. A maximum acceleration frequency of 4.2 GHz. A level 3 cache of 8 MB, and a TDP of 45W. The number of built-in integrated graphics card cores is 7, which is referred to as Vega 7. And the graphics card frequency is 1600MHz. Basically, it is at the top of the performance of the light and thin processor at this stage.

How happy it is to have a computer that has a good experience. It can be more efficient in both study, life and work.