July 25, 2024

What is called ripped jeans, and when did they start?

In this article, we will discuss what are called ripped jeans and when did it start to be a fashion. Also, we will discuss why these ripped jeans are brought back into the market as fashion.

What are ripped jeans, and why are they famous?

The world of fashion is a very big place, and many different people are attracted to it. It is often the simplest and the ridiculous ideas which turn out to be famous. These things are ignored at first like a mistake, but then it takes the market by storm.

The current obsession in the fashion world is the ripped jeans which everyone are demanding. Often we can see that the celebrities and also different people are wearing these things. They take these kinds of ideas and then turn them into an obsession or a fashion.

The denim market in the UK is determined to be at a rate of 1.5 billion Pounds. Also, these kinds of jeans are made by a different company and are available at different prices. The ripped jeans which are available in Gucci start from 725 pounds for a pair of jeans.

Many people think that it is a bad thing to wear jeans or clothes that are torn. While most of the people come under the influence of fashion and start wearing these jeans.

Where did it all start?

The first-ever pair of these kinds of jeans were made in the late 1870s. This was founded by a person named Loeb Strauss, who is a German businessman. He owned the company named Levi’s and was the first one to make these ripped jeans.

The first-ever ripped jean was made by the cotton cloth and was made durable for them men to wear. The colour used in this pant was actually a dye that was taken from the Indian plant. This plant was used to make the dark blue colour for these ripped trousers.

Denim was considered to be a cloth that was used by the working class of men in their uniform. Loeb Strauss thought that the ripped jeans might give these trousers a look in the life of these workers.

Many celebrities wore this in the films called the sex pistols, Iggy pop and bros. While this trend was spread in the market by the stars like Madonna and Bananarama. After they saw these celebs wear these trousers they fans also started to order these trousers to wear.

So why these jeans are back now?

In the year 2010, this denim was introduced in the market. These jeans were rebranded as distressed jeans by the company named Diesel and Balmain. After it got famous again in the market, these jeans were worn on the fashion catwalks. Experts say that the all the 80s fashion is returning to life like the high waist trousers and also the jumpsuits.

It is a good thing to buy pre-made ripped jeans as they will not tear the material of the jeans in any other way.