February 26, 2024

What Ring You Would Prefer Now


For couples thinking of making a seriouscommitment, the wedding ring is an indispensable and special accessory – so much so that the choice of the piece is made with great care. Couples always look for the best material and model of ring to symbolize their union, but there are still many people who do not know those produced in tungsten. From IntelliRings you can find the perfect choices now.

The tungsten ring, although not so popular, is a great option for those looking for quality jewelry with a little friend. With this in mind, we have prepared this text to show you all the features of this novelty. Are you interested? Then keep reading.

What are the characteristics of a tungsten ring?

Tungsten is the hardest metal found on the planet. Its durability and resistance are so high that it is used in the manufacture of aerospace parts (by NASA) and in the war industry – is there a higher quality test than this?

This material is also 4 times harder than titanium, 5 times harder than steel and 10 times 18 carat gold. In addition, tungsten is the only metal with a shine considered permanent and is super-resistant to scratches and damage, which provides more durable finishes to the alliances.

Tungsten jewelry that is clad is unlikely to lose its color, as the fixation of the material with the coating is great. Furthermore, metal allows for new baths, unlike other materials in which the exchange of the ring is accurate.

What are the differences between the gold ring and the tungsten ring?

Gold and silver are commonly used to unite couples due to the tradition of using these metals, but they finally found one that can compete with these two.

Gold, even if it is beautiful and showy, is opaque and scratches easily due to its low degree of hardness. You may also have noticed that some low-quality gold wedding rings lose their circular shape because they crumple over time. The same is true with silver, but this would never happen with tungsten, which has a high degree of hardness.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the tungsten ring?

In addition to all the advantages mentioned, such as durability and permanent shine, tungsten is also a very cost-effective material. Its price is affordable and it is much cheaper than gold jewelry, despite not losing anything to him.

Stripped couples looking for more modern pieces should bet on tungsten, because with it, it is possible to make rings in black and rosé. And, thanks to their durability, the alliances can have bolder models without their details being worn and their shape damaged.

However, there is a disadvantage. The hardness of the metal is its strength and also its weakness. Because it is so hard, the tungsten ring cannot be extended or cut. So, if your finger gets fat, it’s better to say goodbye to the ring.

Who is tungsten rings for?

They are perfect for the couple who cannot – or do not want – to spend an absurd price when buying wedding rings. The price of tungsten is more affordable, which helps couples who have a tighter budget a lot.