July 20, 2024

When to Opt for VPS Server?

The right web hosting plan is essential to the performance of your website. Like your business, your site goes through many changes over time. Hence, a hosting plan that is perfect today might not be enough after a period of time. Being a technical service, some technical issues are to be expected, but there are certain signs that indicate that it’s time to look for a better hosting service. Today, we will be talking about a VPS Server and try to judge the time when you should consider opting for a VPS Hosting service.

In VPS Hosting, your website resides on a virtual server. The web host uses server virtualization to create multiple virtual servers on a web server. Each virtual server has dedicated resources, account isolation, and complete root access. Hence, the virtual server functions as a dedicated server with lesser resources and certain limitations. Here are some signs that indicate that you need to start considering a move from your existing shared plan to a VPS Hosting plan.

  1. Your hosting plan cannot handle the increased site traffic

As your site grows, it starts attracting more traffic. Usually, site owners choose a hosting plan and resources based on the current site traffic and an approximate estimation of its growth. However, in the age of social media, one viral blog post is enough to start bringing in more visitors every day. Hence, if you observe that your existing hosting plan is unable to handle the increased traffic, then you need to start looking for a solution.

First, analyze data from your control panel and Google Analytics and assess the problem. If increasing resources can solve it, then that should be your first option. However, if the problem is bigger, then you might want to consider migrating to a VPS since it offers better traffic management than many other hosting types.

  1. Website is not secure enough

You cannot compromise on the security of your site. One virus is all it takes to bring a website down, lose valuable client data, and even pull you into a legal mess. Hence, never ignore any security-related signs. If you find a lapse in security, then bring it to the notice of your web host and ask for a resolution. If the problem remains unsolved, then assess if it is due to choosing a bad host or the type of hosting service. You can decide to change the web hosting provider while keeping the same type of hosting or consider migrating to VPS Hosting, which is considered to be more secure than traditional hosting types.

  1. Your site demands a customized hosting environment

Most businesses start with a basic website offering essential information to their clients. However, with time, as the traffic grows, site owners try to engage their audience by using different methods. Some websites offer a unique experience by installing custom software and applications. Hence, you need administrative rights on the server, which is restricted in many traditional plans. VPS Hosting plans offer complete root access (administrative rights) allowing you to customize the hosting environment as required.

Summing Up

VPS Hosting offers a range of benefits to websites. Hence, if your current hosting plan is not equipped to handle your site’s hosting requirements, then you need to start looking for options. Remember, assess what your site needs and try to find a hosting type that works the best for it. Good Luck!