February 28, 2024

Where can I bid on delivery work?

Delivery drivers perform important tasks for their consumers and clientele. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics more and more people are working as truck drivers or delivery operators. However the toughest in bidding on delivery jobs comes in primary setting up fees and charges but once you are set with it, you can start with your job. Competition in the courier service company requires you to have some bidding expertise. You don’t always have time to go for formal bidding, hence make sure you are prepared to bid as fast as possible but accurately so that you don’t win the job but also get ensured profit for your company.

Once you know the procedure to earn cost plus profits, you can bid for delivery work easily online. It is your quick response that will help you earn more and more jobs. Some of the things which help in enhancing your bid on delivery work are:

Your cost structure: You should be well aware of your cost structure from beforehand. Mention the basic fee for delivering boxes, envelope, liquid, oversized items and more. Depending on this, you can calculate how long it will take to pick-up the item and deliver it in a specific area. Include any additional costs if involved such as equipment and helpers. Also, add the gasoline charges and lastly your profit.

Courier directories: You can list your name in the courier directories online. The sites don’t offer work but list your services so that clients to choose you. Find directories which screen their couriers as getting listed on these websites will help you get more viewers. You need to bid for every job which your client contacts you for. The bidding procedure is formal. Include all you can do for your client.

Return trip loads: There are some services providing return-trip loads. You can call the service after your delivery and the dispatcher will tell you what courier jobs are available nearest your location. This will pay for your return trip back to home/ headquarter and you can cover your gasoline charges and earn on your way back too.

Post.Bid.Ship: It is little different than the other load boards. The registration is just for carriers and shippers and not freight brokers. Shippers can post as many loads as they want and get notified as and when they get bids on them. The contact details are hidden till anyone wins the bid. And for carriers, the benefit includes getting alerts and to bid on as many loads as they can. You have over 246,000 trucks and over 2100 trucking companies registered here.

My Carrier Resources: The platform offers several services advantageous to freight companies. As soon as the shipper mentions their listing on the site, brokers and carriers can look for them using different criteria- location, size and equipment. It allows you to look for best carriers by filtering your search as narrow as possible. The platform helps to create long-lasting relations.

Shiply: The online platform has a load board to connect shippers and carriers. It gives real-time alerts about loads and carriers can bid directly for as many times as they want. They will get all the details online and can perform the task once the shipper chooses them.

If you are looking for different platforms to bid, then these are your best options.