July 20, 2024

Why Do You Need Plastic-free Packaging Today?

Packaging designers today are considering environmental sustainability. Plastic today is not only hampering the environment around us but the marine life as well. There have been countless evidence of marine life depletion due to the plastic that is thrown away and is drained into the seas, oceans, and rivers. There have been multiple encounters with the plastic waste lying at the shores and at the banks. If you think about it, almost every plastic waste that we see around us is a by-product of plastic packaging. As a result, several businesses have started to go green by banning the use of plastic in the packaging of products. Eco-friendly packaging requires lesser materials, is more sustainable, and gives better results.

  1. Easily disposable

Plastic-free packages are easy to dispose of and are biodegradable. Green packaging not only reduces the environmental impact and carbon footprint but is also useful after its purpose has been served since the package is biodegradable. So if some of the customers have composting facilities then the waste packaging can be turned into compost.

  1. Economical

Plastic-free packaging can be really pocket-friendly as the materials used are natural and abundant. Paper shredders, thus, are a great way to properly discard waste packaging, making it easier to biodegrade. Further, it also leads to reduced shipping costs as the product is easy to handle and carry to the destination. It also reduces the amount of raw materials that are used to package the products.

  1. Improving the brand image

Eco-friendly packaging creates a good impression of your company as it spreads the message that your business is environment-friendly. Thus, this environmental empathy can ultimately promote your business, adding up to your increased customer base.

  1. Avoiding harmful effects of plastic

Traditional packaging methods and materials contribute to global warming and other such environmental issues. With the abandonment of plastic, when you use eco-friendly materials, you reduce the amount of waste that is littered in the environment, which in turn, prevents several health issues that are caused due to this waste. Further, you also protect marine life as most of the plastic waste thrown in water bodies is hazardous for the environment.


There are multiple alternatives to plastic that companies like Netpak are adopting today, which is not only helpful for the environment, but can attract mass customers and help them believe in your company.

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Infographic provided by Eagle Flexible Packaging, a flexible packaging company