June 16, 2024

Why it is important to dispose your old mattress?

Mattresses are commonly found in Canada due to cold weather. It is highly rare that any family may not be using mattresses despite heaters in the room. However, using the same mattress for a prolonged period of time can be bad. Check out with your manufacturer the length of your mattress and the time period for disposal. Gladly, Recyc-Matelas mattress disposal are one of the best solutions to help your old mattresses reach the right location.

You may have come across sales ads and heavily discounted offers on mattresses at regular intervals in Canada. Any family is bound to get attracted to pick the amazing range of options on sale or offer. However, you must also remember to dispose of the old mattress that you have hardly used for a season or two.

Why should you recycle your old mattress?

  1. One of the reasons why you must give away your old mattresses in good condition is to show humanity for those that are without one. Having many in spare while you are still attracted to add to the collection won’t make sense until you share it with people in need. There are companies that release charities for the needy and participating in these improve human values towards each other.
  2. Be responsible to the environment by disposing your old mattress. It is your social responsibility to clear unwanted materials and things from your house to avoid landfills in future. Recycling companies in Canada take care of these mattresses if you contact them to collect it from your home.
  3. Handing over your old mattress to the recycling company helps in creating good opportunities for the unemployed. Several social enterprises create meaningful jobs for people in need of one. They learn, grow, and earn together under one roof through the several stages of mattress recycling process.
  4. Bulky, heavy, and huge mattresses help in preventing landfills. Thus, the same space can be used for other valuable work than going as a waste with waste. Millions of mattresses are disposed resulting in tons of wastage. Local government spends further millions to maintain and shred these from the landfills.

Contact a nearest recycling company or Recyc-Matelas mattress disposal to discuss the number of old mattresses owned by you. Be a responsible citizen by taking up responsibility of your old stuff and helping it reach the right disposal unit.