May 20, 2024

Why It Is Suggested To Decide Content Before The Website Design

Some people believe that design holds more importance than content whereas others believe that strong content is the foundation of a good website. So, in this article, we are going to understand why there is a strong belief that preparing website content before starting graphic design is important for websites as well as blogs.

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Content Leads to Informed Design Decisions

Documenting the desired user flow, call to action, and visitor paths have to be done after the completion of graphic design. Though the graphic design is extremely important, it should happen at the right time to allow you to demonstrate the website, it’s content, as well as offering in the best light. 

Website design Central Coast documents user personas, individual challenges, solution offering, and the paths that you would like visitors to take place on the website.

How should a website be designed?

Website designer in Central Coastcreates website design around the user, their requirements, and the desired result of a website visit. They very well understand that trends in website design come and go, but a website should not vary its focus from the user.

A majority of website owners get trapped in design trends, as well the websites of their competitors and current and modern design elements. During this process, lose track of the website visitor.

Designer’s desk with responsive web design concept.

What forms the building blocks of a website?

Website designer in Central Coast focusses on content generation and messaging as these two things form the foundation of the website.

The Right Content Strategy For Website Owners

It is not possible to write all the content before initiating the website design. A website owner should only aim to have the right content. This would be a tough task to accomplish for a majority of website owners as well as businesses.

Website designer servicing Central Coast focuses on core pages and sections of the website. They look for areas that would benefit from customized design templates that vary on the basis of the industry, target demographic, and client. Common areas that benefit from a content-first strategy:

  • Home
  • Main page
  • About page
  • Company page
  • Main services page
  • Individual service pages
  • Main storefront
  • Individual product pages
  • Resource section
  • Categories
  • Resource items
  • Personas
  • Main blog page
  • Individual blog posts
  • Landing page templates
  • Contact page

What Content elements that matter before the website design approach?

Following are the content elements that matter before a website design.

  • Headlines
  • Subheaders
  • Paragraph text
  • Core messaging
  • User personas
  • Visitor paths
  • Images
  • Call to actions
  • Videos
  • Social media accounts
  • Navigation
  • Search engine optimization


Not all situations will enable content to precede website design. The right strategy is to find balance. Start with universal elements that include website navigation, call to action, and SEO. Now narrow down the aim by reviewing the personas of users along with the paths of the visitor.

Focus on familiar elements and weave them into the design by initiating with the home page. Now enable the design to develop from his centralized hub. While you move through this process, it is important to stay focused on the website visitor, their needs, and activities that you would want them to take.