May 23, 2024

Why Should You Hire an Independent Business Insurance Consultant?

A business insurance consultant can save your company a fortune in premiums and claim costs. They can save you from the frustration and hassles that you have to go through when first selecting, renewing insurance or claiming on it.

They’ll have a strategic plan to get the best results possible and if they don’t, don’t use that company!

An insurance consultant can protect you against unforeseen damages in the event of financial loss.

When it comes to business insurance consultants, there are two types –one who works for the certain insurance company and the other one is an independent insurance consultant.

Independent business insurance consultants are – formally qualified & experienced professionals who are removed from the bureaucracy of an insurance company. They can make their own decisions and take control of their projects independently.

If you are wondering how hiring an independent business insurance consultant can help you, here are some reasons to start with.


An independent business insurance consultant is not bound to any organisation; which makes them very flexible. Flexibility is the biggest reason why you should go to an independent business insurance consultant. Someone who gives you options from many different insurers is better than someone who only gives you the options available from the insurer they work for.

Those consultants who work with specific insurance companies struggle to give business owners the freedom to choose what they want. They are obligated to push only what is connected to their insurance company, meaning limited options for the client.

Independent business insurance consultants work for you, not for the insurance company. They can find the right insurance solutions for you, that will seek to cover you completely, without any conflicts of interest preventing the best possible outcome for your specific needs.


The quality of work from an independent business insurance consultant is more thorough than those who work for a specific insurance company.

This is because they have more knowledge of all of the insurance companies that offer business insurance, their knowledge is not limited to one. That freedom and flexibility also enhances the quality of their work.

They have the skills and experience of dealing with the people from multiple insurance companies to help you get the best deal, they know the good from the bad, the good from the best and the most suitable insurers/products for the many different risks & exposures requiring cover.

Speed and Ease

The third reason why you should go to an independent consultant is the speed and ease with which the consultants can work for you.

An independent consultant is responsible for getting you the best deal, and not for the profit of an insurance company. They will bargain with the insurance providers but not with you.

Independent consultants will not convince you to buy the insurance they sell, but they will find you the best possible insurance that you or your business needs and then take instructions from you if you wish to proceed.

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