April 24, 2024

Why strip clubs Charge a cover Charge 

Here is a not-so-secret fact about strip clubs and where they operate. A lot of clubs would really not mind not charging a cover charge but there has always been this symbiotic relationship that exists between different businesses that have a role in the adult entertainment business. The saying that one hand washes the other is true in this industry. You might have heard of Cabbie payouts – these are basically a percentage of the cover charge that the club pays the taxi drivers that bring customers to their door.

Why do taxi drivers always try to steer us to certain strip clubs?

If you find yourself needing to hail a taxi to a strip club, make sure you tell him the name of the club you want to go to otherwise they will drop you off where you did not expect to end up. Cab drivers are paid a certain amount of money for bringing customers to a strip club in Melbourne. One club might pay $20 per drop-off or $50 per head. Don’t’ ask cab drivers to recommend a club, they will recommend the club they stand to benefit from. In general, the club with the lowest foot traffic will pay more to cabbies for bringing customers to their clubs. The best thing you can do is to find out on your own which is the best strip club Melbourne.

Why does booze cost so much in a strip club?

Strip clubs in Melbourne make money from two things, the girls who pay to work in the club and the drinks sold at the bar. The cover charge doesn’t really cover much of anything. The establishments do not keep the money the girls make but they do make money from alcohol which is why they are always trying to get you to buy more liquor. Naked girls and booze is a heady conversation. People tend to overdo things when they are in a strip club. Drinking responsibly is not a thing in a strip club but you should always do the right thing and never get behind the wheel of a car when you are intoxicated.

Do they only serve alcohol or can you order juice or tea?

Most of the clubs in Melbourne sell alcohol. However, if the really good ones respect the fact that not everybody drinks alcohol. Even if you, there are but sometimes you are not in the mood for alcohol or have just taken the decision to not drink. It’s their prerogative and they shouldn’t be forced to go to bars will have some tea, water, or juice. This doesn’t mean that they are drab and boring. Alcohol or no alcohol everyone can still have the time of their lives. Some people don’t need liquid courage to help them become the life of the party or talk to beautiful girls in a strip club Melbourne.

The cost of a lap dance

Since the girls make money for tips and the club makes its money from the girls who perform there before agreeing to a lap dance, always ask about the price before you are led away into some secluded area by a girl. VIP dances and fantasy room dances start from $100. You might have to buy a bottle of champagne – it depends on the establishment.