April 24, 2024

Why to Choose Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Bamboo has multiple advantages when it comes to sustainable products. This material is tree friendly and prevents clearing the forests, which are essential in protecting the natural environment. Forests are habitats for multiple animals, insects and other invisible creatures. Among the other bamboo products, Boonboo toilet paper is considered a great eco alternative to the paper one. We will consider here nine of the bamboo toilet paper advantages.

Advantage #1: Taking care of the CO2 problem

When you choose to use bamboo toilet paper, you prevent the forest destruction. We are aware that the trees produce oxygen and remove CO2, so we can breathe healthier air. Since the trees are the lungs of the planet, investing in manufacturing that does not destroy nature is an important step toward saving our planet.

Advantage #2: The grow rate of bamboo

Thanks to the amazing property of the bamboo plant to grow fast, this is a highly sustainable material that can be used for a wide range of products and purposes. The records show that some bamboo species grow as much as 35 inches a day, which categorizes them as the fastest growing plant on earth. This means that the bamboo-based toilet paper will save many trees and is the most sustainable option. Additionally, this eco product saves more water, time and other resources in the process of manufacturing.

Advantage #3: No chemicals

If you purchase bamboo toilet paper, you can be sure that it does not contain any chemicals like chlorine, fragrances, dyes or inks that the classic toilet rolls contain. Moreover, the bamboo itself is bacteria-free natural material that has antibacterial properties.

Advantage #4: Plastic reduction

By choosing bamboo toilet paper, you invest in reducing the plastic in the form of packaging, because environmentally conscious brands like Boonboo exclude plastic from their production. Instead, they use sustainable packaging like Beeswax Food Wraps and more.

Advantage #5: Saving natural resources

Thanks to the specifics of bamboo plants that do not require as much water as trees to grow, investment in bamboo products encourages growth of more bamboo plants that save water. Statistics show that the bamboo plants requires 30 percent less water compared to hardwood trees. This makes the bamboo a great choice and is a step toward improving the life of those communities that face a water shortage.

Advantage #6: Versatile uses of bamboo

Bamboo plant is very adaptable being able to adapt to the conditions of five of the eight climate zones of the world. It has capability to survive in different environments and features impressive versatility. Bamboo can be used not only for toilet paper rolls but also for almost any other modern product – from floors, cups and bottles to clothes, towels, and toothbrushes.

Advantage #7: Biodegradability

Although paper toilet rolls are recyclable, they require electricity and water to implement the process of recycling. In the other hand, bamboo toilet paper is bio gradable, which means no further recycling is required, as it will naturally disintegrate in the septic system over time.

Advantage #8: Harmless for plants and animals

Do not worry that using bamboo products could destroy the natural panda habitat. There are many different species of bamboo, and the ones used for the production of toilet paper are different from the ones the pandas consume. Your bamboo toilet paper do not endanger panda bears. In addition, the tree-free products save many forests that are habitats for thousands of animals and plants.

Advantage #9: Bamboo plants do not occupy much land

Because of the density of the bamboo plants, less land and soil is used for its production. This means that from a square meter of bamboo you can get much more raw material than from a square meter of hard wood.