May 23, 2024

Working from home? Get an electric standing desk!

If you have the convenient option of working from home, you must focus on having a professional workspace. Creating one doesn’t have to be about big budgets, but there is one product you must consider buying – an electric standing desk. Standing desks, as the name indicates, are designed to allow the user to switch between sitting & standing positions. Options, such as PrimeCables electric standing desk, don’t have to cost a fortune, and for your help, we have a guide below that may come in handy for buying one.

‘Should I really invest in a standing desk?’

Sitting in the same position for many hours has been associated with numerous health problems, including chronic back pain and weight gain. You burn more calories while standing, so even if you can get 25% of your work done in that position, you are going to lose weight. Of course, there is no point of selling standing desks as a magic solution to weight loss. However, moving between positions can help you work better, reduce pressure on the back and spine, and may have some influence on your mood.

Are electric standing desks better than manual-adjustment ones?

In many ways, electric standing desks are better than standard desk risers and models that require manual adjustments. You can switch between positions with the push of a button, and many electric standing desks have preset features, wider adjustment options, and don’t make a lot of noise. The good news is you are not going to lose a lot of time at work, and it can be really simple. These are powered by a motor, so while features like touch panels and easy adjustments are great advantages, you have to be careful with regards to installation and repairs. We strongly recommend that you get an electric standing desk from a known brand, and if you are buying one for extensive use, do check the warranty.

Budget and features

In terms of pricing, you can expect to pay anywhere around $300 or more for a standard electric standing desk, depending on the features. These are designed for regular use, but manufacturer’s support is still going to be critical. Make sure that you can adjust the size easily, have enough options, and the tabletop size has to be big enough to accommodate everything.

Lastly, do check the measurements, and if you are buying online, check if the product can be returned or exchanged, in case of a fault.