February 28, 2024

Xtra PC: A Simpler Way to Make Your Old PC A New One

With long time use and constantly coming updates, our personal computers become slow and its boot time increases. For this problem, Xtra-PC came up with a solution andXtra PC Funziona like a charm. Xtra PC is a bootable pen drive which speeds up your old computer. As with time PCs tend to become slow, these new operating systems do not help to speed things up, rather slow it down. So this company came up with the idea to use a lightweight operating system to make things a little better.

How Xtra PC Funziona Works?

By paying a small price you can order for the Xtra PC. They send you a bootable pen drive, which you need to attach to your computer while it is turned off. Then you need to permit your PC to boot from that USB drive. This USB drive contains a re-skin of Lubuntu, a type of Linux. As Linux is a universal operating system and it does not need much powerful hardware, it speeds up the computing process. And as a result, your computer becomes faster.

When you use Xtra PC, your computer boot from that USB drive and use that Linux distro. It does not interfere with your previously installed operating system and does not interfere with your previous data also. There is no need to format your old data to use it, so you can use your old hard drive alongside it to store things.

You can use this USB drive on various computers, as it boots from the drive without any other hard disk drive. So, it is like a mini portable Personal computer which you can access on the go, and as it does not interfere with that computer’s data, it will be safe to use it on other’s PC. With using Xtra PC, you will be able to do 90% of your regular work on your old computer like you used to do before.

Now coming to its shortcomings.Xtra PC Funziona does not make a new computer faster, it only uses your old hardware and makes most out of it. It does not overclock your system to make your processor or any other component faster. Before 2004, USB ports did not come into existence. Also, the same goes for if your USB port on your personal computer is not working. In these cases, the device cannot connect it to the computer and so cannot speed things up.