June 16, 2024

You Can Stream No.1 Yaari With Rana Season 3 on Aha OTT

After the situation from the pandemic, people have become less reliant upon theatres to watch cinema. Even the series on Television seems to be too dramatic or exaggerating to the audience. Most of these people have shifted towards the use of OTT platforms now. This platform enables viewers to enjoy the latest movies or web series in the comfort of their homes.

By keeping the adverse diversity of our country in mind, companies have launched OTT platforms for individual languages such as Telugu, Bengali, Hindi, and more. You can watchIndian webseries online without any buffering, advertisement, and other inconvenience. For Telugu series lovers, the Aha app is the best platform for streams from all genres. One such lightweight talk show series in Telugu is:

No.1 Yaari

To begin with, yaari means friendship. This is an Indian web series and television talk show that premiered in multiple languages across the country. Viu India produces the first two seasons of this series, and the Aha produces the third season in Telugu, popularly known as No. 1 Yaari with Rana. The show is sponsored by the brand McDowell’s No. 1. This web series show has a captivating and good intro song composed by the famous musician duo Salim-Sulaiman and Mame Khan at the end of 2017. 

In this show, Actor Rana Dagubbati talks with various supporting actors and lead actors of the Tollywood industry about their daily activities, personal and professional likes, conflicts, etc. After much anticipation, the show is finally streaming on the online platform Aha. The host, Rana, has given a charming appearance in the series teaser made in the Rama Naidu studios. Season 3 of this show has streamed its first eight episodes on the app after its launch. 

The first launch of this famous franchise show in the Telugu version took place in 2017 by its host Rana Dagubbati. The first two seasons of this talk show comprise 28 episodes in total. From BalakrishnaNandamuri to Samantha Akkineni, this talk show invited the most renowned celebrities and revealed many details of their lives. The last season ended with the episode featuring Kiara Advani and Ramcharan as their guests.  

Unlike the previous seasons, the makers of this series have made some surprising and attractive changes to the latest version of this show. Rana looks more handsome and strong with his physique as the host of this season. With some new and famous celebrity guests on the show, the audience will be more entertained than before. 

On the first episode of the show in season 3, Rana invites his best friend JathiRathnalu to proceed with an exciting and refreshing interactive session that will amaze the viewers. If you want to explore the names and identity of the next guests in the remaining episodes, then watch No. 1 Yaari show on the best Telugu OTT platform, which is the aha app. Enjoy a full-packed entertainment show with the versatile actor cum host Rana in your home.