Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

All You Need To Know About Ozora Festival

Ozora Psychedelic Trance Festival in Hungary is an annual festival that takes place in a small village in Hungary known as Ozora. Festivities are something that helps in spreading love, positivity, hope, and other such emotions. Every country has its own and unique festival that helps in attracting millions of viewers. One such festival is that of Ozora. Ozora is known to be one of the most famous trances in the world. The festival is an outdoor trance festival.  It took its birth sometime in 1999 as an outdoor party but soon became one of the best festivities in Hungary.


Ozora festival was a festival that first took place in the year 1999. The loan reason behind the celebration of the festival was an eclipse. When it was first celebrated, it had a completely different name. The festival was named Ozora later. It was initially called solipse. The reason behind the name solipse was due to the fact that it was for the celebration of the eclipse.  The festival was such a hit that the organizers started organizing the festival on a yearly basis. The first proper Ozora festival took place in the year 2004 and had gained a lot of success and appreciation.


There is a huge call for the Ozora festival ticket. The tickets are on sale as early as  January or February. It is kept on sale at 170 Euro. The early sale of the ticket is enough to prove the success and craze for the festival.  The Ozora festival is celebrated for seven days and also has a pre-party just before its commencement.  It is immediately followed by an after-party. This means that Ozora festival is a festival of 9days. The amazing ambiance and the energy of the natives of Ozora are all-time high during this festival.

24 X 7 music

Since Ozora Psychedelic Trance Festival in Hungaryis a Psychedelic Trance Festival, there’s a lot of music associated with it.  The music goes on for 24 X 7 which makes it a real live festival. This gives out the ambiance that is required for a party as famous as Ozora.  The stage is on set from 8 pm every night with nice, melodious musical events and then the mic is handed over to the DJ who then takes control of the music.  With nightfall, the music becomes more energetic and darker.  In the morning, the music shifts to something smoothing for the morning hours.


Now that you are well aware of the Ozora festival, it’s time for you to give a visit. You are sure to live the way they enjoy themselves these 9days. If you love parties, then this should be the place where you shall visit for a good, jolly time. You will absolutely love the festival and this might be just the break you had wanted for a long time. It is the party place that all the party animals should visit. If you haven’t visited Ozora during their festival, you’ve missed out on a lot of excitement.