September 24, 2023

Is Using CBD Oil Effective for Anxiety?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a kind of cannabinoid – a chemical that is found naturally in cannabis plants. Research shows that CBD oil helps relieve anxiety. Unlike other types of cannabinoid, CBD does not make you feel high or intoxicated. 

There are enough research and evidence available to suggest that the best CBD oil is effective for anxiety. Let’s find out in more detail. 

CBD Oil for Generalized Anxiety

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, CBD is known to reduce stress in instances of generalized anxiety disorder in animal subjects. The subjects of the study were observed to have lower behavioral anxiety symptoms. The physiological anxiety symptoms, like elevated heart rate, were improved with CBD as well. More research on GAD and humans might suggest further benefits of CBD for anxiety. 

CBD Oil for Other Types Of Anxiety

CBD can also be effective with other types of anxiety, like post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety disorder. It can also help reduce anxiety-induced insomnia too. 

A 2011 study revealed the benefits of CBD for individuals with SAD. Individuals with anxiety symptoms were given 400 mg CBD orally and it helped reduce their overall anxiety levels significantly. 

Many recent studies show that CBD is also effective with PTSD symptoms like replaying negative memories and having nightmares. The studies revealed CBD as not only a standalone treatment for CBD but also as a supplement to other traditional treatments such as CBT and medication. 

CBD Oil For Other Neurological Disorders

Using the best CBD oil can be effective in other neurological disorders as well. A trusted study conducted in 2016 revealed that CBD has antipsychotic effects for those suffering from schizophrenia. Also, CBD does not have any major debilitating side effects often linked with some of the antipsychotic drugs. 

Recommended CBD Oil Dosage For Anxiety

If you want to try out CBD oil to reduce your anxiety symptoms, it is advised that you should first consult with your doctor. They will suggest an appropriate CBD oil dosage for anxiety for your specific condition. 

However, it is advised by the nonprofit National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws that some of the commercially available products contain enough of CBD for replicating its therapeutic effects observed in the clinical trials.  

A study was conducted on male subjects in 2018 in which the participants were given CBD before they underwent a public speaking test simulation. The study revealed that 300mg of CBD taken orally around 90 minutes before the test proved enough for significantly reducing the anxiety of the speakers. 

Little benefit was observed in the study subjects who were given 150 mg of CBD oil dosage for anxiety. There wasn’t much benefit observed in subjects who were given 600 mg dose either. 

However, it was a small study conducted only on 57 subjects and more research would be required for determining the appropriate dose for individuals with anxiety. 

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