September 29, 2023

Industries Transformed By The Digital Age

Over the past couple of decades, the entire globe has been affected by the introduction of technology which has affected our entire lives and how we will live them moving into the future. The digital age has affected everyday life as we know it and it seems that life will never been the same as it was pre-technology and there are certainly some industries that have been totally transformed by the introduction of technology into their industry and below, we look at them.

One industry that has totally been transformed by the digital age has been that of the retail industry which has totally evolved into a different beast compared to pre-technology. Gone are the days of travelling to your local town and going shopping when you can now log onto any of your favourite store’s websites and order as you, please within seconds and most of the time, get it delivered to your house the very next day. This now seems like the norm for any kind of retail shopping and has been taken to the next level by e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon who are now not just the best customer service levels for customers, but you can virtually buy anything you can think of on their site and poses the question why you would ever go high-street shopping again and it’s easier and cheaper to shop online.

Another industry that has been totally transformed by the introduction of technology and the digital age has been the entertainment business, as many of us are now using online alternatives as forms of entertainment rather than land-based activities for our entertainment. For example, more and more of us are now staying away from the cinemas for example as we are able to get more value for our money through the use of online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Furthermore, other areas of the entertainment industry have also transformed such as the gambling world as the introduction of the internet has totally changed the gambling landscape. Since the introduction of the internet to the gambling world, many punters are now realising that they don’t have to travel to a land-based casino or betting shop to place their bets, as they are now also able to access their favourite gambling avenues through their smartphones and within seconds whether that be casinos, sports betting or poker. One of the best sites in which we have seen to be benefitting during this period has been at CNOG which are offering one of the best online casino experiences online and due to their sites being gamstop-free, it has brought in a whole new audience and they are continuing to thrive in the digital age.