March 24, 2023

Save a Fortune with DIY Home Improvements

We all like to work on our living space and regular home improvement projects add value to the property, yet the rising cost of labour makes it an expensive investment. Many Australian homeowners are picking up their tools and turning their homes into luxury residences by their own hand, made possible by the removal of labour charges.

Great Satisfaction

You get a very good feeling when someone complements on your work and the more features you add, the bigger the feeling of accomplishment, and with more ambitious projects, you will acquire new skillsets. There are many small changes that you can make; adding retaining wall tiles to the terrace, creating a rockery in the garden and then there’s bespoke shelving for the interior. It is very enjoyable working with your hands and with YouTube tutorials, you have your very own instructor at hand.

Acquiring the Tools

Any seasoned DIY enthusiast would have a great collection of hand and power tools, which were accumulated over the years and buying tools means quality brands, even if they are expensive. The online supplier has everything you need and buying online means you can easily compare prices across several stores and as you take on new projects, your tool needs will increase and anything you don’t have can be hired. One tool that is very useful is the multi-purpose knife that has many arms to do many things.

Trade Prices

There was a time when you needed to provide evidence that you are in the construction sector in order to get trade prices, yet today, all suppliers sell at trade prices and that saves you around 15%. The great thing about online shopping is you can easily compare products and prices, plus in many cases, free delivery would be provided.

Online Tutorials

It is perfectly natural to doubt your own abilities and with YouTube ‘how to’ videos, you have all the instruction you need. It might be installing floor tiles or plastering walls, these short clips show step by step processes that are easy to understand and once you have done it a couple of times, you can be confident of a good job.

Project Planning

Start by creating a diagram with labelled dimensions, then work out the materials and tools you need and create two lists. Find a leading online home improvement supplier and order everything you need, allowing enough time for delivery and with your tool checklist, you have what you need to complete the project.

More Ambitious Projects

As you gain more experience, you will be able to take on more ambitious projects, such as building an extension or carrying out a loft conversion, and anything you are not sure about, Google is your best friend. Be careful with electrics and use a qualified electrician for any electrical work, but aside from that, you should be able to handle any project.

The fact that you are not paying labour costs means you can afford to select the best quality materials for every project and as the years go by, you will see a healthy rise in the value of your home.