September 29, 2023

Top 3 Non-League Clubs in London

A large population of London support teams that play at National League clubs. It is a natural tendency of humans to feel exciting by seeing the national players winning big trophies and sign the biggest superstars. 

But there are people in London who are a big fan of Non-League club matches as well. For those who don’t know about the Non-League club matches, these leagues are played outside the top league of the country. They aren’t professional like the league matches but are the best options for the people who ditch pricey league matches and choose semi-professional teams for their matchday fixing. Let us now look at the top 3 Non-League Clubs in London: 

Clapton Community Football Club: 

The Clapton Community FC club is fan-made and regularized by them. It was created after the dispute with the owner of Historic Clapton FC. The new club gained popularity quickly within a few months registering more than 1000 members. It has received Best FA Vase and has received the highest attendance in step 7 2018/19 seasons. They made unique jersey prints for their players that made them famous outside the country and distinct from any other non-league clubs. These club members made the shirt with the eye-catching red, blue, and yellow by the resemblance of the second Spanish Republican Flag. This shirt went so viral that it received more than 12000 orders for that single shirt that was mostly from Spain. They have one motto i.e., to spread the positivity in the world and make a better place to live in with one belief of being anti-fascist. 

Dulwich Hamlet: 

The Dulwich Hamlet club is the famous football club in south London, England. The founder Lorraine ‘Pa’ Wilson formed this club in 1893. In the early 90s, they joined Isthmian League and Spartan League and won many titles after that. Generally, home matches are on Saturday in the afternoon also on Tuesdays in the late evening. It is advised to visit early to get the slot, as tickets sell out quickly. Due to the low-ticket price, there has been a sharp increase in the audience for the last few years. Dulwich Fans have always been passionate about equality and have contributed to the great cause like organizing an exhibition for Black history, supporting local food banks, etc. 

Fisher FC:

Fisher FC is wholly owned and run by the supporters who reformed the club after the original Fisher FC went out of business. It has won 2 titles for Best FA Cup and FA Vase. Their members not just represent winning titles but also the democratic decisions that they take as it owned as nonprofit organizations. This constitution makes it operable from the fans and for the fans. It has kept the lowest possible price for the ticket and has kept free for the children under 16. You can also purchase a membership to contribute and engage with the club to increase funding.