September 24, 2023

Choose Custom Mirrors For Your Home Redecoration

Choosing and upgrading the look within your come is crucial to a certain few pieces. For your bedroom and bathrooms, a custom mirror can be a focal point. The placement of these mirrors is also critical because they have the ability to widen the room visually and reflect light to brighten areas significantly. Below are some common styles for custom mirrors and how to find the perfect mirror for your home.

Mirror Shape

The shape of your mirror should complement the furniture, style, and decor in the room where it will be placed. Different shapes of mirrors reflect different styles. A rectangular mirror is a traditional shape and is reflective of more traditional decor. Mirrors that are rounded in shape are often found with contemporary decor and give a warm and modern edge to the room.

Mirror Size

One of the best features of a mirror is its versatility in size. Mirrors can be customized to fit a small area above a vanity, be full length, or be the size of a wall. With custom mirrors, you are able to get the size of the mirror that you need to maximize the appearance of your space. For many, putting a larger mirror in a smaller room gives the appearance that the room is larger. Also, larger mirrors can reflect the light in a dark room, brightening it up.

Mirror Frames

After you have decided on the shape and size of your mirror, you need a frame to give that well-rounded appeal. Color, texture, and material are all essential selections for custom mirrors. Frames are as flexible as mirror sizes and can be as thin or thick as you would like.

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Plastic

Most frames come in this material but are selected based on the style and theme of the room. For traditional style custom mirrors, wood frames are the preferred option. Those that are seeking a more contemporary look choose either metal or plastic framing to fit the decor.

Choose Your Color

Once you have decided on a frame, your color option will follow. For wood frames, most clients prefer to stain the wood so that it has a color feature that fits the decor of the room, but also maintains the integrity of the wood. This is a choice that often appears with traditional style custom mirrors. Wood frames can also be painted to fit your style needs and utilized with contemporary styles. Metal and plastic frames are equally offered with a number of options for color and types of metal.