September 28, 2023

Five Public Speaking Secrets to Grow Your Business

There are some people out who are all about working from home and don’t leave the house and putting on some pants to go out and face the people if you are one of those then public speaking would not think and will be the last thing in the world we would like to do. Good being in but being an intrapreneur we cannot afford to do so as public speaking has much to do with growing up business as we are required to go out and meet some people give them presentations and workshops and get them to know a brand and our business this can constitute one of the best marketing strategies we can have to make people know and grow our business.

This is true for virtual or any business virtually any business whether we are a personal trainer or some web developer we are always something harboring more than we know and we can use that to teach other people.

But the point here is to give such compelling presentations which are value-packed and filled with enthusiasm and your knowledge which will make an audience leave in a leave-in all willing to do business with us.

No matter how much of a big fish we’re in the market as an entrepreneur one should always strive to grow the business and for that James Cash Penney Jr., an American businessman, and entrepreneur who founded the J. C. Penney said,” Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

If you’re still not convinced that public speaking can help your business, here are five reasons to reconsider:

Workshops are free marketing to your ideal clients:

We can put out one of the biggest public speaking advantages that is to communicate our message clearly to a number of people in a matter of minutes. We can hence organize free workshops for our potential clients and provide them with some valuable piece of information in lieu of which they will provide us with their time and opportunity to do business with them.

You get to learn what people want:

We can get a lot to learn and grow from just a room full of people who are our potential buyers. Even if we do not get immediate sales we can get invaluable experience from, them and their stories and feedback. This way we can get to know them better and which will be useful in dealing with them in a better manner.

Presentations make you the authority:

Public speaking opens to us an opportunity to be and appear to be an expert when we take on the stage. After which the sense of authority follows and being the authority has its own perks. It gives us instant recognition which helps us to beat our competitors as well as create “social proof” that we are capable and good enough to be invited to speak which logically means we are great to do business with.

Being a presenter makes networking a heck of a lot easier:

Sometimes networking events turn ugly when we do not know to break into a conversation or even get out of a bad conversation. But public speaking can provide an opportunity to experience the networking heaven as people usually go after the speaker after a speech to ask questions and line up to introduce themselves and build a connection with them.

Pitching is easier than you think:

We may feel exposed and awkward to go for a sale pitch in front of a group of people when they are not used to it. But after when we delivered some quality and valuable presentation it is natural it will pique the interest of some of many and they are likely to look forward to work with us. Hence we should not deprive them of this opportunity to work with us. For instance, We can take Karen Mccleave Toronto based lawyer who has more than 30 years of working experience. Karen Mccleave Crown Attorney assistant appeared in the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice, primarily in York Region, Dufferin, and Simcoe counties. Which was all possible due to her excellent oratory skills.