October 2, 2023

Smart Solutions with the best Legal Supports Now

This is, of course, our price proposal for a lawyer. It is important to note that a lawyer and a lawyer are not the same thing.  A lawyer is educated in law at a university and has a master’s degree in it. It has a lawyer too, and in addition to this, the lawyer has also been a clerk in a law firm for 3 years: a form of modern master teaching. Therefore, the lawyer will often be more specialized and therefore also more competent to solve your particular problem.

A Prairie Village Municipal Court lawyer will in most circumstances be more expensive than a lawyer. But on the other hand, a lawyer can also often solve the task both faster and more satisfactorily than a not so specialized lawyer. If you are interested in possibly choosing a lawyer, make sure you get quotes from both a lawyer and a lawyer to make sure that there is also money to be saved by choosing the lawyer.

Fixed prices for certain tasks

Danish lawyers have increasingly started to run with fixed prices on certain services such as advice on home purchases and the creation of wills. Here you can before the lawyer starts his work get the final price stated.

A few examples of such prices include the following:

The fixed price is of course on condition that it is a standardized procedure such as the creation of a will. If you need legal assistance for a unique case, it will often be impossible to set a fixed price to start with, and you must therefore take the hourly wage as it comes. 

You may also run the risk of the price of your assignment slipping. You can get a price of egg DKK 1,500 for founding Apes, but if you also need tax advice, advice on alternative company and company forms, help with founding both a holding company and an operating company with rolling capital or the like, the price will increase quickly. Explain exactly with your lawyer what it is you want advice for, and ask not to get other help unless agreed between you.

Why do lawyers cost so much?

The hourly wage for a lawyer is higher than most others can pull home. What, among other things, helps to raise the price of legal aid is as follows:

Becoming a lawyer takes a minimum of 8 years and often more. A 3-year law bachelor’s degree followed by a 2-year master’s degree, after which the law graduates, must have a further 3 years as a legal assistant at a law firm. The fewest other educations take 8 years to complete – and often it also takes longer, as the fewest lawyers take all 8 years in a row.

Lawyers are traditionally associated with very serious circumstances. A lawyer is not contacted for fun, but when a person is dead, injured when a house is to be bought, a will is to be written or the like. Therefore, clients also want high professionalism of lawyers for such serious matters, which has meant that lawyers throughout the ages have had large and expensive offices and great demands on secretaries and other employees. All in all something that increases the price. You can read a bit here about why there is such a big difference in prices between different lawyers for otherwise similar task.