September 29, 2023

The Best Divorce Lawyers In Singapore: Provides Family Legal Advices

There are so many cases about family issues that remain unsolved. Why? It is a family problem that only a few will raise a case for the said concern due to the requirements needed. Therefore, most of the husbands and wives who planned to file a case remained silent. Good thing that there are states to have a fault and no-fault divorce case. Anyone is allowed to file a divorce case with the assistance of the top lawyers in singapore. Now, it is a common question to ask, is there grounds to file a divorce? Well, as a married person, you might get interested in the answer to this common question, which soon can be applicable or useful for you.

The grounds of divorce

If you decide to file a divorce, you need to finalize the grounds of divorce. Irretrievable breakdown of marriage is the only ground of divorce in Singapore and not irreconcilable differences. In the Women’s Charter of Section 95, the ground is mentioned. The irretrievable breakdown of marriage will be supported by the following facts:

  • Separation of three years (both parties have their consents). It is closest to no-fault divorce. Separation means parting or living apart, living separately. For example, if one spouse is working overseas for 3 years, yet they are on good terms, these periods of years are not counted for the period of separation. The couple that goes through separation, which the marriage is falling apart, such cases:
  • Living separately with minimal interference
    • Living on the same roof but in separate bedrooms
    • Couples with no sexual intimacy
    • Separate household but on the same roof
  • Separation for four years. Another no-fault divorce in Singapore is based on separation for four years. There is a difference between separation for four years and separation for three years, which means both parties don’t need a spouse’s consent for filing the divorce. In case that you have been separated for four years, it is possible to proceed with the case even if the spouse disagreed.   
  • Unreasonable behavior. Once you have not separated for those mentioned periods, then you can’t file for a no-fault divorce in Singapore. Unreasonable behavior is the most common grounds mentioned by the spouse who raises the divorce case, such as:
    • Lack of love
    • Verbal abuse
    • Physical violence
    • Lack of respect
    • Returning home drunk
    • Returning home late
    • Neglect of children
    • Neglect to communicate
    • Refusal to engage with intimacy
    • Lack of financial and non-financial contributions to the family
  • Adultery. Adultery of the spouse is major or heavy ground to file a divorce case to the partner. In Singapore law, adultery is not a criminal offense.  
  • Desertion. Once the spouse has deserted for 2 years, a minimum period, it supports the ground of divorce.
  • Legal requirements for divorce. Although the marriage has irretrievably broken down, still legal requirements presented for the divorce are needed. 

If you are a spouse wanting to add more knowledge about divorce, either fault or no-fault divorce in Singapore, you will learn facts here. Everything you need to know about the grounds of divorce will be learned here.