September 24, 2023

The Biggest Mistake People Make With Puppy House Training In San Francisco, California

If you have a schedule and you plan. Carefully puppy potty training, puppy house training with your adorable young puppy will go pretty smoothly. You might have the odd accident but once you have got that scheduled a step. In this article we are going to talk about the biggest mistake that puppy owners make when it comes to puppy house training and how you can turn things around.

Training Your Puppy For The Home

The biggest mistake that people make when it comes to puppy house training has a lot less to do with the steps that you are taking when you are teaching your puppy to hold their bladder. And there is a lot more to do with what’s happening in between those accidents in the things that you are doing. And you are going to learn how to recognize when your puppy really needs to go out. And they have probably got some kind of schedule established. I will take my puppy out every hour. I will make sure I take the, out every time they eat. But there is actually five times that I want you to be really aware of that your puppy is likely to make a mistake. They are before and after they go in their crate, before and after a meal, after a nap and before and after a play session. And any time that you are just not sure whether your puppy has to go or not take them out. So you have got those covered. 

But what about those times? They just go. Sometimes there will be like looking directly at you and they will pee. First things first, you need to be a good dog trainer for your puppy. And that means you need to have good timing. You can’t fix what you don’t see so supervision of your puppy, while you are trying to fix these house training issues is an absolute must.

How To Help Young Puppies Get In Line

It’s even more important when you are struggling with tennis training, to be able to get a little bit more control of your puppy. Remember if you don’t see it, you can’t fix it. I want you to focus on quality time with your puppy while they are out of their crate. It’s not about the quantity of time. So this means when they are out. You are focused on them. You are playing with them. You are training with them. You are snuggling with them but you are focused on them. So that the moment they start to sniff the floor in a weird spot, or they may be scratch, or they do a little circle. You can mark that with an eye or Hey, before they start to go. Now this isn’t necessarily going to stop your puppy midstream but it’s really going to mark that moment for them. Some people maybe even clap their hands, really abruptly. A sharp sound that your puppy knows immediately, that they are making a wrong choice. If your puppy does stop, that’s great. You can pick them up, take them outside and they can quickly finish their business. But if they don’t leave them in position, it’s so much easier than cleaning a trail of piddle all the way out to the door. Keep in mind your puppy isn’t trying to be defiant. But if you have ever used an outhouse before you will know that indoors is a much more comfortable option or doing your business. 

There is an easier option of training your puppy without spending the time and that option is to hire a professional puppy training company. If you live in San Francisco, California you’re in luck since there are many private puppy training companies there. One of the best ones that I know of and highly recommend to everyone is called 360 Dog Walker which is located in the heart of San Francisco, CA. The owner is the nicest person you will ever know in your life. 360 Dog Walker is owned and run by Nancy Bernard and she knows dogs inside out. She lives and breath’s dogs. Besides being one of the most experienced dog trainers in San Francisco, California she has many degrees in related to the field and knows her stuff very well. She runs an amazing company that offers the best dog walking services in San Francisco, California. No matter if you have a puppy or a grown dog, if you need to get them trained, or if you need dog walking services in San Francisco give 360 Dog Walker a call today. 

The thing that is really working against you is that puppies are going to do whatever feels good and emptying their bladder and their bowels is actually kind of rewarding with puppy.

Now if you are struggling with puppy potty training, supervision is going to apply even when you go outside puppies are so easily distracted. All of the sights and the smells and the sounds, even with a full bladder, they make completely forget why they are out there. So if I am outside with my puppy on leash I can easily redirect them away from something they get distracted by. But even more importantly, I can make sure that my puppy is actually gone that way when we get back inside, she’s much less likely to have a full bladder and squat and pee right at the door.

Puppies Will Be Puppies, They Need Love

If you have a puppy who will go pee immediately after you bring them back inside. You really need to watch your puppy closely. You are doing your best to teach them what to do. But it’s just as important to tell them what not to do. I talked a little bit about that negative verbal reprimand. So if they make a mistake and start to pee on the floor, you will use that reprimand with an “AH” or a “HEY” or something to mark that moment so that they understand that this isn’t the right choice. You probably may never have had to hold their bladder before. So this is going to be where your direct information is going to help them really understand the rules of your home. 

If you’re interested in becoming a dog trainer yourself then what better way to sign up for dog training course at a college. Getting registered with a professional college will make sure you learn everything according to best practices and not do something that ends up hurting your dog. 

At this point you probably thinking there is absolutely no way I can possibly supervise my puppy every minute of the day. And you are absolutely right. That’s why using a crate or a limited space area. It can be so effective, effective for teaching them to hold it. So by supervising your puppy really closely, while you get through their house training issued, you are actually going to earn a lot about them. You are going to start to notice what they do just before they squat. You might start to notice and this is a classic one your puppy disengages from you. Maybe you are playing with them. And they just all of a sudden decide. They want to go elsewhere in the house. These are some of the cues. They can’t hold their bladder any longer. And identifying and understanding some of these signs will be the key to fixing your puppy house training issues. And it’s actually going to be the kind of thing that carries over as your puppy grows up as they turn into a young dog. They will show you some of those signs and that’s how you can continue to be giving them great information.


Puppy house training isn’t the kind of skill or behaviour that once they have learned it they will never forget. It’s much like the rest of their dog training, it’s a dynamic process. Some days you feel like your head, they haven’t had an accident in a couple of days. Other days, you feel like they have completely regressed. But what’s really, really important for you as the puppy’s owner is that you are keeping a close eye on them. You are right there to give them right information when they need it.