September 24, 2023

What is the difference between drapes and curtains?

For the window treatment, drapes and curtains have their importance but both these window accessories have their features that are different from one another. Curtains and drapes are both popular in the world. There are some places where curtains are required and some of the places are those where drapes suit a lot. Let’s know what the differences are. 

  1. Curtains can easily be put up or down or rope can also be folded around curtains.  But drapes need more effort because of thick fabrics. 
  2. Curtains can easily wash or swipe even home laundry is enough for this purpose. Drapes need to be dry clean or steam clean.
  3. Curtains are easily opened or closed by gentle pulling of fabrics while drapes are operated by drawstrings; mostly it is present on the sides of windows. 
  4. Curtains are available in all kinds of fabric like cotton. Linen.  Velvet. silk. Polyester. Brocade and net but drapes are not available in a huge variety.
  5. All kinds of curtains are well known and equally popular in the east or west. Drapes are not popular as curtains.
  6. Luxurious homes, hotels, and restaurants use drapes because these are more formal window covers as compared to the curtains. The Curtains give an ordinary look to these places. 
  7. Drapes are mostly longer than a set of curtains while on the other hand curtains are available in all size length and widths. 
  8. Drapes are heavier compared to curtains.
  9. Drapes give a natural look to the office window and dining room of the luxurious home. Buy curtains that suit more on house windows. 
  10. Most people use drapes on the window to get rid of stormy and rough winds. It also protects you from cold air in winter. The curtain never gives satisfaction from harsh weather.
  11. Curtains can easily hang by a single person without hardworking, but the fabric of drapes is heavier, and the length of drapes is also more than the curtain so extra care and effort are required in hanging them.  
  12. Curtains are prepared for general use, and they gently move here and there in the breeze, but drapes are mostly covered by a back structure which helps to hang drapes on a rod and drapes never fly in the presence of a storm or air.
  13. Curtains are available in many styles, colors, and patterns. Drapes are available in limited design colors and styles. 
  14. Curtains are applicable everywhere in schools. Offices. Hotel restaurant.  Drapes only suit luxurious and expensive homes. restaurants. Hospitals and schools etc. 
  15. Most people purchase curtains according to their interior. It enhances the beauty of the home, and these are budget friendly. All the drapes are not budget friendly. 
  16. Colors of curtains can fade because of sunlight. Drape colors never fade soon. 

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